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24th December 2010, 12:59 AM |#1  
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Hey kiddos.

WisTilt2 wanted to get some more testers for this kernel, so please download and put it thru the ringer!

This is RHOD ONLY! Please, don't ask if any other devices will work as currently it probably will not! Use at your own risk!

UPDATE 5/14/11 Temp test, SOD prevention!

So the newest autobuild has been plagued with an odd SOD condition. WisTilt2 thinks he traced the issue, and he wants people to run this kernel to see if it's SOD-free (compared to the newest autobuild).

Originally Posted by WisTilt2

Current git tree, my pm/fb patch with the proc_comm test. Need to see if anyone gets SOD's. Should have very fast sleep and wakes still, leds are like autobuild also.

Let me know guys, thanks!

(In this case, I will leave the old kernel - but do please test this new kernel against the autobuild, see if the SOD's disappear...)

UPDATE 4/15/11 SCBS integration

This is the new battery meter code that jonpry has been working hard on. To get the full benefits, you'll need an APK and a new rootfs.img. Please see jonpry's thread on PPCG for more information.

So download this kernel, grab the apk and rootfs from jonpry's thread (don't grab the kernel in his thread!) and follow his instructions if you want to give SCBS a spin. I've already noticed a difference, and I haven't generated a model yet. Rule of thumb with generating the model/algo is the more data the better - so go thru a few charge cycles, some heavy use, some sleep - the more usage the better the algo! Enjoy!

Just to be clear - this new kernel only has the updated SCBS code. Nothing else has been changed since the previous 4/4 test kernel.

UPDATE 4/4/11 Minor fixes...

Just an update to the previous kernel, stylus should be fixed (meaning it will boot into landscape again, fix needs to happen in userland) along with the button lights (when keyboard is open, button lights do not light now). Nothing major!

UPDATE 4/2/11 *Hopefully* failed panel wakes are gone!

WisTilt2 said he found and irq that was set wrong... and it was related to the touchscreen - hence the reason touching the screen wakes it! So this kernel seems to wake very nicely for me - how does it for you?

UPDATE 3/31/11
Originally Posted by WisTilt2

This fixes the button lights so they go out when you open kbd and they turn on when you close kbd just like winmo. Also fixed the portrait/landscape unlock screen so at boot it should be in portrait so you don't have to do the back arrow trick to switch it.

Update: On the button lights, when the keyboard is open - the button lights will act odd... seems the kernel is torn, it flips them on and then quickly back off .

UPDATE 3/30/11 Button lights, PM Rework, kbd flicker/repeat key, and failed wake fixes!!

WisTilt2 has been trying to clean up his code so he can commit - this is working towards that goal. This new kernel has fixes for the kbd flicker/repeat ("stuck") key bug, the failed panel wakes have also disappeared for me - the panel doesn't always wake instantly, but I've never had to touch the screen to get it to wake - it's ALWAYS come up! Let me know, YMMV as always! Oh and yes, the 4-button light LEDs should now work perfectly as well .

Update - ok, might've jumped the gun on the repeat letter thing - but it does seem better... Just not perfect yet .

RHOD100/AUO users - really need to know if this new kernel breaks your phones! I also would like to know if the SoD issue is actually squashed. I haven't had an SoD in forever, so to those who have recently, let me know!

Perhaps also good to note, is the sleep LED is changed in this one. Initially it will blink green to show that processes are going down and it's trying to sleep (a wakelock of some sort is present in other words). Solid green is full, deep sleep. So you should see blinking green when charging, with GPS enabled etc. You won't get a solid green LED until it's completely sleeping, as usual.

In addition, WisTilt2 has changed the boot screen. Hopefully it'll boot faster, but you'll see a lot less flying text - don't panic! It's normal .

Enjoy! Please feel free to report how this kernel works, so we can get the changes committed!

These kernels are meant for testing purposes - there is no public GIT repo that this kernel code resides on, however the majority of the changes get pushed to the master GIT repo for XDAndroid. The ones that don't didn't work or were simply in place for testing - again the changes that are being tested here are eventually destined for autobuild. Please contact me if you have any technical questions related to this kernel, I will do my best to explain the changes - if you want specifics, I can put you in contact with WisTilt2, the man in charge of pumping out these test kernels. Feedback is not only welcomed but encouraged, please reply to this thread with it!
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