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26th December 2010, 08:13 PM |#1  
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Ok first things first... I just came to the EVO from the Epic, so I'm gonna join this community now .

You are voluntarily flashing this at your own risk. I can not be held accountable for anything you choose to do on your own. If you try to blame me, I will laugh at you. ....While pointing.

..::..Data Service Governer Killer..::..

1. What does this do?
This is a modification to the services.jar framework file, that allows you to have an un-throttled internet.

2. Will this make my internet faster?
Yes and No. This will not "Upgrade" your internet. This only takes the trottle off, so you can download, or play games and not have to worry about it hitting a certain peak and lagging from that point on. It doesn't provide you with a new internet, only a warm fuzzy feeling from knowing you don't have to worry about it capping off.

3. If I flash this, will it break my phone?
If it did, yours would be the first case I heard of. I've personally flashed it NUMEROUS times.

4. Will this work on any ROM?
Yes. This is not based off a particular ROM, and can be used with ANY EVO ROM. ALTHOUGH If you're Dev has made changes to the services.jar file, this could wipe those changes out. If you are unsure, send me your services.jar file, and i will look for you. Hopefully, i'll be able to make a download list in a couple days with all the Dev's services.jar files, so you can download that specific one. You can always ask your Dev.

5. Do I have to be rooted?
Yes. In order to be able to flash this, you are going to need to have root with a custom recovery. I.E. Amon_Ra.

..::..Install Instructions..::..

Simply download, and place on the root of your sdcard. Then go into recovery and flash it as you would a ROM. Done.


Data Service Governer Killer


You can follow this method if you're Services.jar framework is already modified, or if you aren't sure.

1. Download these 2 files:
[fixed link for baksmili- op you can remove this line when u get to it ]

2. Create 2 folders on your C: Drive labeled "Smali" and "Baksmali". (This is for easy access to the folders when being cd'd)

3. Place the 2 downloaded files in the C: Drive folders accordingly. (I.E. Smali.jar in "Smali" folder, and Baksmali.jar in "Baksmali" folder.)

4. Using 7zip or WinRAR (or any other zip program) open the services.jar file that you pulled from your phone. Copy the "classes.dex" file and paste it into the "Baksmali" folder.

5. Open your command prompt and type the following:
  • cd C:/Baksmali
  • java -Xmx512M -jar baksmali.jar -o classes/ classes.dex

6. Open the newly created "classes" folder (its inside your Baksmali folder that you should already be in) and navigate through "/com/android/server/". Scroll down till you see the 6 or 7 "Throttle" files. They will be located between "TelephonyRegistry" and "TVCableObserver$1$1". DELETE ONLY THE "THROTTLE" FILES.

7. Back out of the folders until you are in the "Baksmali" folder again. Now open the "Smali" folder you created earlier. Place the "classes" FOLDER in the "Smali" folder.

8. Return to your command prompt and type this:
  • cd C:/Smali
  • java -Xmx512M -jar smali.jar -o classes.dex classes/

9. You should now see a "classes.dex" file in your "Smali" folder. This is the NEW compiled services.jar classes.dex file. Pull up the 7zip or WinRAR file you had open earlier, delete the current classes.dex file from the services.jar, and place the newly compiled one in it's place.

10. Place the services.jar file back into your ROM, and boot up. You are now running Unthrottled.

11. If you do not see the "Throttle" files, don't complain they're not there, your Dev may have already taken them out.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.
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