Hi Users!

I need your help for a feature that I think to implement.

If I say you that Modus Operandi 1.0 will be able to manage automatic situation or manual profile (in alternative) and can manage situation that will be always checked for security reason?

In new "Manage" there will be 3 tab (Situation, Profile, Security) and you can choise Automatic or Manual Mode, that respectively use Situation or Profile tab. Situation inside Security will always be checked.

I will create condition plugin for check SIM inserted inside device and action plugin for lock device, send sms and/or email with device position on a configurable phone number and more...

So you can use MO for automatic or manual manage your device settings (as you need) and also for improve security in a single, powerful application.

What do you think about this ?

PS: don't worry.... location plugin will be updated with GPS-based location service first

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