Ok guys, Finally cooked a working ROM taking everything from Bravo_Froyo_Vodafone_UK_2.33.161.2.

As I said above, you see what files are related to leo to get it working. There aren't so many files.

Note, do not replace everything I listed above. The file name can clearly mention what they are and whether you need to replace them.

But note, I had loop issue at htc animation and solved it after many flashes. It was due to files and folders permissions.

HTML Code:
chmod -R 777 system/etc
chmod 755 system/bin/*
chmod 755 system/xbin/*
chown root:2000 system/bin/pppd
chmod 4755 system/bin/pppd
chown root:root system/xbin/su
chmod 4755 system/xbin/su
Did these and got the device booted perfectly.

Best Regards

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