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What gps fix? Can you please direct me to the fix. This about the only thing stopping me from using this as my daily driver. Thanks in advance!
I want to post this for whoever may be having trouble with the GPS working properly. There is a fix for this problem but is kind of a pain in the ass. Here is a detailed fix to the problem:

1 - Go to the Market and download the app: MSL Reader
2 - Use this app to get your MSL # (mine was six digits)
2 - Flash to any Sense ROM
3 - Launch phone dialer and dial ##GPSCLRX# (##4772579#)
4 - Enter the MSL Number from above
5 - Your phone will automatically reboot in 10 seconds
6 - After you're rebooted back into the Sense rom you can go and reFlash CM7
7 - Hopefully this fixed your GPS!
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