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Hey guys
I just published my first serious app on the android market and would like to give some of you the opportunity to test it for free. edit: sorry, i cant give away any more test licenses. but i released a trial app, so everyone can now test it for free

The app is called Delayed Lock and simply delays the activation of the secure lockscreen for a user definied amount of time. You can choose to start the activation timer whether on the last successful unlock or on display off time and immediately reenable the lockscreen through a notification in the status bar or a widget.

I know that there are already similar apps with the same functionality, but I didn't find any of them working on Android 2.2.

Disabling the lockscreen seems to be a complex task on the android system and depends on a lot of stuff. Therefore i recommend to test the trial app before consider buying the real app!!


How to install in /system/app to use pattern lock on Android 4.0 ICS
See instructions here:

I can't uninstall the app!!
You have to revoke the locking permissions first. Therefore simply uncheck the "Admin lock method" option

I still see the lockscreen and use an exchange email account
If the exchange security policy of your company requires a PIN, the app will not be able to deactivate the lockscreen (unless you patch your Email.apk, see here: - there's nothing I can do about that

The display turns on when the app wants to enable the lockscreen
Enable the "admin locking method"

The app doesn't always reactivate my lockscreen
possible solutions:
(1) After updating, you might need to reboot your device
(2) Enable the "admin locking method"
(3) On some devices, the app seems to work just with the pattern lock

What's the 'Use HTC Sense delay' option?
If you're on a HTC Sense based ROM, you already got the option to delay the activation of the pattern/PIN/password lockscreen. but the available delay times are very limited. if you check this option, you will still using the HTC Sense style of locking, but with the ability to chose your delay time without any limit

Settings aren't saved on my Samsung Galaxy S/Captivate/Fascinate/Epic/Vibrant
According to this thread that seems to be a problem affecting many apps. For me it helped deleting the \dbdata\databases\de.j4velin.delayedlock folder (needs root). It seems like this bug is caused when uninstalling DelayedLock, installing another app and then reinstalling DelayedLock - then the other app is the new owner of the preferences folder and DelayedLock can't access it any more. This should be fixed since Android 2.3

Any other problem
For most problems, it helps to restart the app. To do so, go to the Android settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> DelayedLock -> Force stopp. Now turn your screen off & on until you get your pattern/password/pin lockscreen. The DelayedLock service should automatically restart when unlocking your handset now.

Known Issues:
  • pattern lock requires root since Android 4.0+
  • will not work on strict exchange policies - not fixable, unless you patch your Email.apk, see FAQ
  • seems not to work in combination with the SimplyLockscreen, NoLED and maybe some other apps which interfere with the lockscreen

Market links:

This thread is supposed to be a support thread, so dont hesitate to post any (positive or negative) feedback or feature requests
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