Default Sdk port howto

I'm having TONS of private messages on how to port the sdk to other devices.

Well here is the only thing that was required for me to do in order to have a working boot.img :
  1. Dump your current working boot.img
  2. Unpack it
  3. Uncompress boot.img-ramdisk.gz
  4. ADD the dnsproxy line in init.rc for netd daemon service
    service netd /system/bin/netd
        socket netd stream 0660 root system
        socket dnsproxyd stream 0660 root inet  <----
  5. Recompress edited ramdisk
  6. Create your new boot.img

Swap the boot.img in the and it should work. If u have an instruction error(0) while flashing you'll have to change the updater binary in META-INF/ for one that is compiled for your ARM version.

That was for SDK preview, I had to do alot of modifications with the full SDK. The idea is still the same tho, compare the SDK ramdisk with yours and edits

If you can't dump / unpack / repack a boot.img then you CAN'T port the SDK but you CAN LEARN HOW with this WIKI
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