Default Fascinating Sense *Enhanced Edition* V1.0 3.1.11

here is a slightly modified take on the sense theme....not a whole lot different, but heres the changelog:

-pulldown menu background is now transparent black, instead of mildly transparent white
-different dialer, credit omj for the gingerbread based dialer
-black menus instead of stock white (white icons instead of grey)
-different usb connected androids
-black browser header instead of sense tan/white

***again this is for vanilla aosp 0.8.1 not eb01***

(using adw ex instead of lpp below, as lpp will overwrite white icons in the soft popup menus)

^above setup: adw ex, fancy widget pro with inversion clock skin and miui weather, droid incredible wallpaper (will post later)

Cwr Install (wont work in cwr 3.0)