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How To: Flash UltraJack Recovery to your Phone (Windows/Mac/Linux)

NOTE: This is a modified version of the AmonRA recovery flashing package.
The only thing I really did was modify the .sh/.bat files and include the UltraJack Recovery.

@devilzeye793 and whoever else may be wondering: Here you go!

1. Download the attached ZIP and extract

2. Make sure you have the necessary drivers installed for bootloader mode (installing PDAnet seems to do the trick on Windows: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...28#post9861928)

3. Boot your phone into bootloader mode (Google it, I can't list all the ways here).

4. Plug your phone into your computer and let Windows install the drivers automatically (if you're on Windows, unfortunately I'm not really sure how this happens on Mac/Linux). NOTE: On some phones (i.e. the U8150), the phone will stay on the carrier logo screen. THIS IS NORMAL!

5. Run the installer for your OS from the extracted folder (.bat file on Windows, .sh file on Mac/Linux) and let it work its magic

6. After the script has flashed the recovery image (should take ~1-5 seconds), unplug your phone and remove/re-insert the battery to get out of bootloader mode

7. Enjoy your new recovery image!

Hope this helped some people out there!

new zip file here