I'm Testing a NEW Kernel and if you guys would like in on it, let me know so I can leak it on a post here.

Standard Features:
Same features as v2.0 with regards to FS support
CIFS (mount your media on your device over a data/wifi connection... its like your entire collection in your hands)
BTRFS (called the new Reiser... really fast you should try it as your sd-ext!)
ReiserFS (faster than ext3 and ext4... some power users swear by it as their sd-ext partition)

New Power Features:
Undervolted to 925 (for Extra Efficient Battery) I get about 1-2mah in standby
OC up to 1536 (for the few HD2's that can do it)

All of this is in the source I link to on the first page...

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