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Getting a 404 error trying to download this from my phone. Am I doing something wrong?

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I get a 404 as well... too bad, I really want this =P
Sorry, I had tossed this file from my dropbox a while back. I'll download the original and optimize it again.

I actually took a closer look at this (something I didn't do earlier) and there were some additional ways to improve this besides image optimization. Also, I made it look more like the animation in the op. The original bootanimation file was over 12 MB, this one is only 815 kilobytes

I've packaged it up in an update style type zip that you flash in recovery. This will install it to /data/local. If you need/want it somewhere else (/system/customize for instance) then just extract the bootanimation.zip file from the download and push it where ever you need.