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I've finished my triple-vertical slider. Here's a screenshot (Change x's to t's). Instructions are below.

This comes with built-in icons for all of the default WL2.0 functions (SMS, unlock, camera, camcorder, teslaled, etc)


1. Install the attached zip as you've done for other WL2.0 themes.
2. Set your WL2.0 grid to 5 rows by 4 columns
3. Remove all widgets/sliders/etc from the bottom 2 rows. This is where the sliders will go.
4. Add a custom slider. Choose my theme (vertigo). Disable the left slider (Trust me, it works). Set the right-slider to the unlock function. Re-size the slider to 2x2. This will switch it to a vertical slider with the unlock at the top. Position it in the middle at the very bottom of your screen. You won't be able to simply move it there because of the trash can. Use the resize tools to position it properly.
5. Do the same with whatever two sliders you want on the sides. Re-size these sliders to 1x2 so they fit in the bottom-left and bottom-right corners respectively.
6. Enjoy

The unlock feature must be in the middle for it to look right. I made it larger than the other icons for aesthetic purposes.

I will make a dark version for anyone interested.

Please "thank" this post if you use my sliders!
Here's a black version of my theme as requested by several people. No screenshot since I can't post them. Stupid forum rules.
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