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18th March 2011, 11:59 PM |#1  
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Hello all you ROM SD'ers out there!

**First off, thank you to all the real devs out there who've sacrificed their time and energy in getting the roms available here to where it is! And of course credit goes to the original creator of CWM. Side note, I was able to prepare this CWM image because of a blog I read somewhere regarding preparing a dualboot setup on a single SDcard. I can't remember. I'll give credit when I do.**

I've prepared a modified CWM image that is sd-bootable for flashing the latest roms to your SDcard.

*CM7 roms prepared by me will not touch your data partition. So all your apps and setup should remain. However certain roms that I've prepped may need to format data and system on your SDcard. So please read through this post for more details*

-You need have a CM7 SDcard already prepared. Get it here Thanks verygreen!
-Download modified CWM image zip file.
-Burn to a second SDcard (that you will only need for this procedure)
-Download attached CM7v22 flashable zip from this post only.
-Copy the CM7v22 to the SDcard partition (4th partition) of your CM7-SD (if you cannot see it in your PC, use ADB)
-Power off nook
-Place modified CWM sdcard that you just burned
-Boot to CWM off the CWM SDcard
-Remove CWM SDcard
-Insert your CM7-SD card
-Goto mounts and storage and "mount SDcard"
-Goto top menu and "install zip from SDcard"
-Choose CM7v22
-Confirm "yes"
-This will install the CM7v22 system, including the latest kernel and Ramdisk(I've modded the ramdisk so it stays SD bootable)
-Let it do it's thing, it will take a little bit, might not show progress immediately. Just be patient.
-If you wish to flash Gapps or Dalingrins OC Kernel you can do so now as well
-When install is complete. Leave your CM7 SDcard in there and choose "reboot system now"
-CM7 logo will show for several minutes, be patient and it should eventually come up.

**Only use my modified CWM image and flashable zip from here, or else it will mess up your internal. Do not use this CWM sd to flash anything else other than what is stated above! And do not use this to format any partitiions!**

**The usual disclaimers: Backup, backup, did I say backup? Just in case. And oh yeah, I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your nook or your sanity if something goes wrong.


**Edit 3/21-If your PC is unable to mount your 4th partition. There are two ways you can go about it.**


1-Samuelhalff has an app that can do that for you "NookColorUMS" (Thank you sir!) You can get it here Just choose "Mount SD (4) Fourth Partition" and that should mount it to your PC or Mac, and just drag and drop the latest nightly from here. You should be good to go after that.

2 -Or you can use adb and mount the partition your self. In adb shell run the following command:

#echo /dev/block/mmcblk1p4 > /sys/devices/platform/usb_mass_storage/lun0/file

That should mount your 4th partition to your PC. Drag and drop the file over. And you should be good to go.**

**Edit 3/23 - Nightlies 30 and on will have the vold.fstab edited so that it will mount the 4th partition to the SDCard folder instead of boot.**

**Edit 3/28 - Thanks to deeper-blue, CM team, Samuelhalff for getting HC to where it is today. I've added a flashable .zip file for anyone that wants to try out samuelhalff's tweaked Honeycomb version. I've also included a dualboot setup(thanks to rookie1) with my CWM_SD. So if you ever wanted to flash anything in the future, just drop it in the SDcard(4th) partition of your SDcard. Hold the HOME(n) button to boot into CWM_SD and flash from there. Leave it alone to boot normally. This will wipe your current rom from your SDcard and install Honeycomb. It is recommended to perform a nandroid backup of your SDcard with my CWM version.**

**Edit 3/30 - There was an error on my part in the edify script. Thanks to "smartmind" for pointing it out. Fixed and uploaded updated version 0.1.
Thanks to rookie1. I've updated a flashable zip that will install my CWM to your SDcard as a dualboot.
1-Once installed you no longer need my CWM_SDcard to flash your nightlies. When booting hold the home(n) button to go into recovery for SD. Leave it alone and it will boot up normally.
2-You can also do a nandroid backup of your CM7_SD. As well as a restore back onto your SD. Tested and working!**

**Edit 3/31 - Uploaded a flashable zip for "mikegonz" NookieComb. Thank you sir. If you want to enjoy a near Honeycomb experience and want all the available features of NookieFroyo (flash, dsp, less apps FC issues) Then I suggest you give his rom a go. After flashing the rom to your SDcard. Please head over to his thread and download some necessary files needed to get the full honeycomb experience. If you enjoy the rom, please go over this his thread here and thank him.
**This will format your /data and /system! So please make a nandroid backup of your current SDcard rom with my modded CWM in case you want to revert**

**Edit 4/5- Uploaded a flashable zip for PHIREMOD's v5.3 Rom (THANK YOU SIR!). His rom is based on CM7 RC4 release. So it is very stable. And I must say, blazing fast. And I'm running it on a 2gb Class 2 card. If you enjoy the rom, please go over this his thread here and thank him.
**This will format your /data and /system! So please make a nandroid backup of your current SDcard rom with my modded CWM in case you want to revert**

**Edit 4/15- Uploaded NookieComb v0.4.13 and Phiremod Nook v6.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="DarkRed"]**Both of these roms will format your /data and /system! So please make a nandroid backup of your current SDcard rom with my modded CWM in case you want to revert**

**Edit 5/5- Uploaded latest CM7 nightly. Also uploaded Divine_Madcat's Honeycomb RC1 Update (working su, market, sound). If you enjoy his work. Please head over to his thread here and thank him!
**The Honeycomb RC1 Update will format your /data and /system! So please make a nandroid backup of your current SDcard rom with my modded CWM in case you want to revert**

**Edit 6/22- Uploaded latest Phiremod v7-Test Build.
**This is a wipe only update** So the .zip will wipe /data and /system. Make a backup of all your apps. Well I went ahead and made it easier for everyone. So I packaged the whole Phiremod v7-Test as a CWM-SD Flashable zip. This will install phiremod-nook-v7-test, gapps, and will install the launcher-pro backup to the sdcard partition for you.

-All you have to do is download the '' file, no need to extract anything
-Boot into CWM-SD and flash the package zip file
-Reboot when done
-It will prompt with 2 different options on startup, choose "Setup Wizard"
-For some reason it won't get past that, even when touching the Android guy, to get around this touch all 4 corners of the nook screen starting with:
1. top left hand corner
2. top right hand corner
3. bottom right hand corner (just above the 'change language' button)
4. bottom left hand corner (just above the 'emergency' button)
-That should get you to the main screen.
-Connect to a wireless network
-Market will not populate correctly, so go into the app drawer and choose 'Talk'
-That should give you an option to add a google account
-Once completed go back to the main screen and goto options--> preferences --> and restore the launcher pro backup
-You should now see Market on the home screen
-Don't forget to thank the devs!
-Personal thank you to "bdeville" for testing the .zips for me before I borked any more installations!

If I've helped in someway, can I get a thank you!

Thanks everyone,
__________________________________________________ ____________

Clockwork Recovery Image for Flashing Roms to SD only:
Quote: - MD5 - 46b0434a5a312b3f84208cd373e9e0c5

__________________________________________________ ____________


CM7-SD Flashable zip (to be used only with CWM above):

Nightly 22 -
Nightly 25 -
Nightly 28 - MD5 - 887b9e607e7d34c06f4fcd3b267472c3
CM7 3/20 Build (Bottom Status Bar by Samuelhalff) - MD5 - 244f87243d5c0cf975c76c89e00c93df
Nightly 29a - Updated MD5 - 9cb78fe78462f5a32941c7b218d76c37
Nightly 30 - MD5 - ecb2221b575122bf86615324b7328841
Nightly 31 - MD5 - e6f0aa3a0bda5544d840416fef4870c0
CM7 Mad_murdock Build 3/28 - MD5 - 20e7836bb1bd3b8ae42b507095e0b53d
CM7 Mad_murdock Build 3/29 - MD5 - a3dd232776a9fdae9adf7588f3b2ad69
CM7 Dalingrin Video Test Build 3/29 - MD5 - 5ebe543ff5bae1e6a72d754e5b53b5c0
CM7 Mad_murdock Build 3/31 - MD5 - 6ecaf69fef625eb37e9c5c89c6880452
CM7 7.0.0 RC4 - MD5 - 3e77930b6d26f4eece264ae324795026
CM7 Mad_murdock Build 4/3 - MD5 - ef8386c70c7dcb97e035d022060405da
Nightly 35 - MD5 - 62c94fa65e4be5fe92ee3cda202877c5
CM7 Mad_murdock Build 4/4 - MD5 - 3b32cfbc648c3224ef6295ea08f57835
Nightly 36 - MD5 - f0d9a6d81e6c9346955eb1ed03d2f11a
CM7 Mad_murdock Build RC2 - MD5 - 36946e56547d130af23ceb540f3d3ddd
Nightly 37 - MD5 - 63bd84a333588c89c73092c36e6577b5
CM7.0.0 Stable-Updated- MD5 - 232ad9466f80c9b25706400d79d5afb9
Nightly 39- MD5 - 4394706fcc9389d2d15ab73cdbe7f81d
Nightly 41-Updated- MD5 - 801ee4525881d32dc61d2380f115796c
CM7.0.2 Stable- MD5 - 616161e75d1a4978efab3f19ae4e8206
Nightly 61- MD5 - 323ca059dc3edb03781e0216ed4ed39f
Update 5/11: CM7.0.3 Stable- MD5 - 22a85a9a105fb8d41827ccb557906fec
Update 5/11: Nightly 68- MD5 - 28e58c53dfec5ab651a64151525c3256

Gapps-3/07/11 for CM7:
MD5 - 08d46a6d9afceb9789c2978f57598f7e

Dalingrin OC Kernels for SD:

CM7 - 3/16:
MD5 - 13c03150b72938fa15f43bd795969dfe
CM7 - 3/29 :
MD5 - bdd5f6dbaba12c87f3974c281e2def52
CM7 - 4/1 :
MD5 - e0ec3e1e879562aa5edcb342ee984ac7
CM7 - 4/4:
MD5 - 9bbdd0258ad6d9cd64da9f244fa818ad
FROYO - 4/4:
MD5 - e230ea5dab8497e844dd1633e8d880cb
CM7 - 4/18C Test Kernel:
MD5 - a8eeca7c033f4f41626e13efeb7dfa87
CM7/Phiredmod - Alsa Update (Only flash this for Phiredrop and CM7 v39 or earlier):
MD5 - 885e4109da53e96d4fb0e16a6dc443d8
CM7 - 4/24 1.3ghz Test Kernel (Please read the kernel thread for more info):
MD5 - d53a386040b2c40652009d8346d598b1
Update 4/30: Froyo 0.6.8 BT 3/13 Kernel (Please read this thread for more info):
MD5 - b2ff802dd5d9e7f9e98f031538f30796

Update 3/28 : HCv4 2nd Edition SDcard:
MD5 - 7d615cda41fe0a17758b0bd64fd2ea99

Update 3/30 : CWM SD Dualboot 0.1:
MD5 - 5f2e8aebfe089e7447a9d0389a8bfe5e

NookieComb by MikeGonz(Based on NookieFroyo):
Quote: :
MD5 - 38344cce47d581848bc0dd61a3e81a60 (This is an update, must flash v0330 first) :
MD5 - 575755f76c0854ab531bf8a1b3a841a2
Update 4/15: NookieCombv0.4.13 OC_SD (This will format /system and /data) :
MD5 - a2ff0daaf4c8a9d23359413b77f9bbca

Phiremod Nook Roms:

v5.3 :
MD5 - ee8e8030d1f27ddf0ad8f777dabc069f
v6 (This will format /system and /data):
MD5 - 25e01a189ffc5f8d9a7634fe888c1147
v6.1 Update(This will format /system only):
MD5 - 6abb1cd1485650fa14ec28092ad40552
v6.2 Update(This will format /system only):
MD5 - 70b2ff0345897252f3f3dff8728a4b55
v6.3 Update(This will format /system only):
MD5 - 17c2d5322c2674fe85bd279934dc6830
Update 6/22: **Follow directions in the 6/22 update of the OP for installation instructions!!!**
v7-Test Update(This will format /system and /data) :
MD5 - b77e13c45140f2f90571a0b2a2bcc2bd

Divine Madcat's Honeycomb SDcard:

MD5 - 6c3ef5139f33ad250e05117f4e5f9b3f
Update 5/11 - RC3: (This will only format /system)
**Edit: Thanks to "patgnds" confirming that it's working! Enjoy!**
MD5 - Forgot to check the md5 before deleting it off my comp. If anyone can advise. That would be great

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