Thumbs up MS Voice Command 1.6 BT over headset with latest wm6 roms.

Some of you may have noticed that with the newest release of LVSW ROM (2007-05-19) that the old hacks for MS VC do not work getting voice command over bt headset.

LVSW's ROM comes with Cyberon VC but the nice thing is it can be removed via remove programs so remove it and then unpair your headset and turn on/off the phone to start fresh.

1.) Install MS VC 1.6
2.) Install attached .cab
3.) In programs launch BT Voice Command Config
4.) Check enable
5.) Click save
6.) Click Exit
7.) Turn off phone
8.) Turn on phone
9.) Pair bt headset

I take no credit for this program it was done by XCSdM and later modified by ZaJules..

This works perfect for me no other tricks or reg edits zilch, nada, nothing. You might want to set voice command to button 5 though.

I'm using Elfs variant of the newest LVSW and it doesn't come with Cyberon VC and it works perfect for me.
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