Thumbs up [I9003] [ROM] UltimateSL v.1 - First Custom Rom for I9003 - Coming sooon

[UPDATE][17th August 2011] UltimateSL beta will be released soon to selected testers
Yes, I have completely tested the ROM internally and it will be released to the selected beta-testers very soon to test different parts of it to the full and report back. I have not encountered any bug after last testing (and 30+ soft bricks ). If everything goes well I should be able to release it within a few days (before I am finally hospitalized). Stay tuned friends
A few screenshots

Hello everybody,

Yes, you read the Title correct

I have taken yet another first initiative here though a larger one this time
I have initiated the project of what everyone having a SGSL wants - a Custom ROM. I have the design in my mind and already completed many parts of it (which I will outline later) and few are left.
I invite everyone to actively participate in development of this First ever ROM for our phones. Write patches, design Graphics or just test and report bugs

Your Ideas/Suggestions/Feedbacks are always welcome

Feature set :
Better and more efficient management of RAM meaning faster system and better battery life
Faster GPRS (2G)
GPS fix for faster GPS
Stabler WiFi
Improved battery life (by around 20-30%)
Faster scrolling
Custom Transition Animations
Custom Boot animation
Custom Boot Sound
New theme
Maps 5.0.9
Swype 3
and more...................;)

Extra goodies :
Polaris Office
TouchWiz 4.5
TW 4.5 Manager
GTalk with Audio-Video
Samsung Social Hub (from SGS II)
Samsung IM (from SGS II)
Samsung Reader Hub (from SGS II)
Samsung E-Mail (from SGS II)
Wind Mill Live Wallpaper (from SGS II)
Ambient Time Live Wallpaper[/FONT]
Transparent XDA (free version)

Removed :
TouchWiz 3
Write n Go
Mini Diary

More details will be added soon...........

I will try my best to release it as soon as possible after extensive testing but I have a huge constraint of time Hopefully soon

Wish me luck !

P.S. Just noticed that it is my 666 number of posts
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