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26th April 2011, 12:32 AM
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Arrow [18.Dec.11]***JW MIUI 1.12.16[Magldr/CLK][en,de,cz...(18)]***[Cooked with care]

After a lot of work my MIUI gingerbread is finally ready

My goal is to provide a clean & fast rom.
With a really close stock look.


The feature list:

  • Smooth camcorder (800*480)
  • Adfree host file
  • A2SD
  • Unique Bluetooth adress
  • Unique WI-FI adress
  • Screenstate scaling >off= powersave> on=smartass
  • Based on XJ translations
  • Mutli-lang support: (NL ,DE ,HE ,DE ,PL ,DA ,IT ,FR ,ES ,PT, CH, ZH, TR, VT, RU, KR, SV, HU)
  • RMNET by default.
  • My PPP config as option(B1)
  • 4-Way reboot mod (when avaible)
  • WI-FI tether & hotspot
  • Tytung R12.4
  • Matching boot animation
  • Matching multi-lang keyboard
  • Small package
  • 210 MB free
  • Extra stock icons for 3rd party apps



18 dec
-Latest MIUI
-Dorimanx kernel!
-Increadsed speed/stability
-No colour banding

16 Oct
-Latest MIUI
Wich comes with:
More smoothness & fixes
Tytung r12.4
-For the rest all the usual stuff
-Make a backup with miui backup and restore it works well.
-Clear marketcache to get your apps back in market.

1 Oct
-Tytung R12
-Latest MIUI
-With all the stuff that is normally inside :D

4 Sep
-GPS libs 2.1 (tytung)
-JW_tytung_1.4 kernel for CLK package will be up in a few hours or tommorow. 
For now you will flash tytung R11.
-Extra icons again
-Latest miui with the usual stuff.

23 August
-Latest miui
-Tytung r11 upgrade
-Small fixes

15 August
-Update to latest MIUI
-Standard network on 0 should be better for most users. On CLK I still recommend using 
*#*#4636#*#* and set default network on gsm auto prl.

7 august
-Latest MIUI
-Upgrade gps libs to 2.0 credit tytung
-Data tweaks are still inside so if you experience battery drain flash this.
Battery drain 3g fix
Or open build.prop and disable fast dormancy
-New market in 3rd post for those who want.
-Added easy reboot (instead of 4-way reboot mod) and leo a-gps injector(tytung) both very small together under 100 kb.
-Note: To use backup set language on english some languages contain incorrect strings.

4 August
-Updated keyboard more languages + performence
-System optimization
-Latest MIUI
-RPC libs 1.9 (credit: tytung)
Note: Please enable and disable high res graphics in launcher settings to fix small performence MIUI bug.
-Removed Carhome because it is to buggy.
-Old android market it might be not as cool as the new one but it is way faster. As soon as MIUI optimize it I will include the new one.
-Updated  CLK patch with b4 best wrapper in my opnion.
-Updated host file
-3G battery optimization but with some providers it might not work then flash this package.
Battery drain 3g fix
-Work in progress: Creating optimized kernel
-Icons stay on the old ones fit way better to the vellixum theme then the new one

9 July
-More icons again.
-Made sure no robotvoice
-Atempt to include mms fix (credit miui android)
-Latest MIUI
Warning: Make sure your partition layout is at least 135 mb

1 July
-Small fixes keyboard still no vibrate (it is a miui bug in all roms)
-Made sure no robotvoice
-Latest MIUI again
-Updated some icons again

26 June
-latest miui (1.6.24)
-the default theme will now also change the lockscreen to the default one
-swapped tytungs gps libs back to 1.1 so I am sure there are no issues. (Users can change the libs by themself ofcourse)
-added htc wallpaper just because they are nice and small
-battery drain in custom lockscreens fixed thx to miui team
-car home in multi language now
-two extra languages thanks to xj (slovenian and hungarian)

20 June
-GPS libs 1.3
-Included SD booster app. 
-Removed fasterfix you can set it in:
Settings>Personal>my location>GPS configuration
-Updated icons
-Included car home
-You can now skip to next track when your phone is locked 
by longpressing the volume button. Credit: Andy Thompson
-CLK update 2.1
-Oh and in the market you will see more apps :)

31 may
-BT A2DP should work now otherwise I am out of idea's
-Applied the gps mod from tytung
-Improved USB storage mode
-Fixed vibrate mode
(turn it on under personal>sound>vibrate options)
-MIUI update 1.5.27
-Hopefully fixed voice search
Edit: reuploaded on 1 june 18.09 with langthangs sms fix! Thank him for that.

20 May
-MIUI 1.5.20
-Include brainmasters fixes. Thanks to him for using his brain.;)
-Attempt to solve BT audio issues
-Screenstate script support frequencies now so you can SET an overclock in the script.
-Update CLK to B5 wrapper
-Made CLK patch to save time in the future.
-Update project vellixum theme.
-Different way to let camera work closer to stock miui.
-Google talk fixed.

Notes: Please turn auto focus off and camera should work perfect.

10 May
-Kernel upgrade tytung R10
-Data update RMNET by default with tytungs latest update.
*Old PPP config in 3rd post 
-Updated BT stack
-Camera still fully functional ofcourse :D
-Update to latest MIUI base 1.5.6
-Android 2.3.4
-Added Vietnamese + Russian + Korean to the language list thanks XJ!
-Fixed market when cache partition is lower then 44 mb!

-Google Talk video fc in this MIUI version!
-Current MIUI version has a bug with the contacts it causes issues when they got a ''='' in it. 
Use this to remove the ''-''s

Upgraders I always recommend using MIUI backup.

Download (direct ftp)

CLK update(Not avaible yet)
*CLK users flash rom first then this package.

Please read post two and you know almost everything about this rom.

Some screenshots including the keyboard

Recommanded flash layout for optimal freespace:

misc ya 1M
recovery rrecov|ro|nospr filesize recovery-raw.img
boot yboot|ro 5M
system ya 135M
cache ya 44M
userdata ya|asize|hr allsize

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