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ugh ): I have ADB set up and everything but it refuses to see the transformer, or is honeycomb different and do I have to be in the bootloader to use ADB?

EDIT: I had the ADB drivers installed already from the Asus website but apparently PC suite was required?

EDIT 2: gingerbreakBB has been running for 15 minutes yet is still sitting at vold: 0084 GOT start: 0x00017368 end: 0x000175e8

EDIT 3: okay it worked after 2 more tried, but now when I try to check MD5sum it says no MD5sum found?
The guide, as currently written, cannot be followed verbatim, as md5sum and busybox don't exist.

I posted a comment on that blog with my experience/some adjustments for the guide.

Basically you'll need to md5sum locally, so push the blob, then pull the blob to another location on your drive, run md5sum to make sure the size is right (if it's correct from your adb pull, then you know the copy on the device is good).

I believe at the time of this writing, the busybox line in the guide has been corrected (since busybox won't exist), so the only other correction you will need to make is to chmod 755 the su binary, not 666.

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