Lightbulb [APP][2.1+] Spirit FM

Spirit1 (aka Unlocked) and Spirit2 are real, tuned, over-the-air FM radio apps for Android. They do not require Internet access.

Spirit2 0920 HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL Audio mods, in preparation for Android L: APK:

Spirit Transmit v2 0915: ONLY works on ROOTED Sony Xperia T and Z class; NOT Z2:

Download Experimental
Spirit2 September 10-12

Official Sony Z series support coming:

LG G2 Mahdi & FM friendly kernels:

LG G2 FM friendly kernel patches:

Android ONE = Google FM Radio ?? !!

Spirit2: Hi Mike, I am still enjoying Spirit 1, is there any reason to pay again for Spirit 2? :

HTC One M8 Verizon !

Spirit2 is officially released ! New thread for Spirit2:

The Death of access to stock, unrooted OEM proprietary FM APIs:

New 30 day refund policy:

Digital Radio, the "Euro Chip Initiative" and "The Universal Smartphone Radio Project":

Permissions problems on recent ROMs:

Spirit name:

New phones: Note 3 LTE, HTC One Mini, Xperia Z Ultra & Z1/Honami:

Broadcom OEM API for unrooted changes on Android 4.3 HTC One:

Nexus 7 2013:

Meh... Emmis NextRadio app is underwhelming:

BT headsets: RDS PS & station info, pause/play, previous + next with AVRCP 1.3+:

HTC One GPE Android 4.3 solution: Use Spirit August 5 or later version: apk:

Android 4.3 may break FM on devices using Broadcom FM/combo chips:

"Spying" on FM radio usage stats:

Effem FM app in some CM ROMs ? :

HTC One GPE + digital audio (Unlocked):

HTC One first AOSP/Google support:

HTC One Nexus Experience phone:

Galaxy S4 MINI GT-I9190 FM:

Galaxy S4 = No OTA FM: "In with a bang, and out with a whimper."

Where has all the FM gone ? Gone to streaming, every one ?

See Supported Device List in post #2 below.

  • Spirit Free: Basic & Mono. Digital audio on Galaxy S. See post #3.
  • Spirit Two Free Alpha: Digital Audio & other Unlocked features.
  • Spirit Light: (supported but no longer sold.)
  • Spirit Unlocked: RDS, Media Buttons, Lockscreen & much more.

Spirit is the ONLY fully digital FM app:
  • Bluetooth A2DP headsets in CD quality stereo.
  • Recording in CD quality stereo.
  • External visualizers, equalizers and effects.
  • Internal Wave and FFT visual: 5x8 dB & log2 43 - 22,050 Hz.

Digital audio support:
  • Rooted HTC One, One XL, One S, Evo 4G LTE, Sony Xperia T.
  • Rooted International non-US Galaxy S, S2, S3, Note, Note2.
  • Most stock Sony 2012-2013 devices.

Record only support:
  • Stock International Galaxy S2 Jelly-Bean, S3, Note, Note2.

Download: Info:


Please purchase Spirit Unlocked for full features, excellent support, and help Android FM.

Thanks !