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The quick troubleshooting post.
This post contains a compilation of problems/issues and answers provided in this thread and earlier threads. Not all answers are tested by me and I will in no way guarantee that this wont mess up your phone.

You know, watch your kittens. They might be eaten by following the advice written down here.

rschenck wrote a very nice (and updated) guide for how you install CM7 on your SGS these days.

Things have changed quite a bit recently, so even if you installed it two weeks ago, you may want to check this one again.

What do people mean with "correct" bootloader? How can I make sure I have the right one?
Do NOT install directly on top of existing Samsung 2.3.3 firmwares or other firmwares based on this (like Darky's 10). Similarly, don't install directly on top of Eclair.

See this very easy guide on the android soul for flashing XXJPU, which is Froyo with the correct bootloaders needed..

I'm not sure I understand these procedures. Can you draw it out for me?
Anticipating this very question, rschenck actually did draw out a flow-chart for you.

See here.

But I'm not using the I9000, I'm using something else...
codeworkx provided a reference list you can check to ensure you are getting the right files.

After flashing the initial CM kernel I can't get CWM Recovery to work. It just displays some weird image
CWM Recovery might have different keymappings from the ones you are used to.
- Volume keys: Naviagte up and down in menus
- Power button: Select item
- Home key: Show/hide menus

If you are only seeing a weird image, chances are you've hidden the menu by pressing the home key. Try pressing it again

I can't find Cyanogenmod nightlies in ROM Manager
Yes. CM7 for the SGS is now mainlined and supports ROM Manager for nightlies, should you have the premium version. If you have the Premium version, follow these very graphic instructions to configure ROM Manager for nightlies.

To install from MIUI (courtesy of runedrune)
- Reboot into recovery using 3-button-combo
- Choose "mounts & storage" and format system, data, cache, datadata
- Do not apply the initial-file.
- Apply the latest update
- Apply the latest gapps (which can be obtained here. You want the one with -gb- in the name )
- Done. Reboot

Odin doesn't recognize my phone anymore and I want this fixed in case I mess something up
You will probably need the Nexus S drivers (which supposedly is really just some updated Galaxy S drivers).

If Odin for some reason don't see your device when connected, make sure the old Galaxy S drivers are uninstalled and removed. Bilboa1 gives some good hints about how to make sure your drivers are actually fully removed. Do check this before proceeding to install the Nexus S drivers.

After you have installed the Nexus S drivers, plug in your phone. Windows should now install some drivers, but you are not done yet. When using download-mode your phone will show up a little differently to Windows, so put your phone in download-mode and plug it in, with neither Kies nor Odin running. You will probably see Windows installing some more drivers.

After doing this, Odin should hopefully be able to recognize (and flash) your phone.

It depends. If you have to ask, it probably isn't.

I've flashed this and decided it is not ready for me. How do I flash back to stock ROMs?
Get the appropriate firmware you are interested in, flash as usual using Odin, but check re-partition and use the 512 pit-file.

For pre-rooted stock-images, you can use EZBase as shown here (also includes download links).

Please take a look here to see if your issue is mentioned and has a known solution before posting.

After flashing CM7 I get strange colours on my screen during boot
You do not have the correct bootloaders. Basically flash 2.2.1 following this article and then redo the CM7 installation. All should be fine.

Guys! Guys! I cannot find Android Market!
Google stuff is not included in CM7 by default. Download and apply latest gapps from CWM. You want the "universal" one with "-gb-" in the name.

But I want the latest gtalk with video and all that fancy stuff
got_milk was nice and uploaded some stuff. Beware though that lots of people are reporting this to force-close a lot, and that's not just on SGS CM7.

Can I run Samsung apps like Memo, Camera etc on this firmware?
No. Sorry. All Samsung apps depend on TouchWiz libraries which can only be found in Samsung firmwares.

How do I get additional themes for CM7 themes chooser?
Check the themes forum here on XDA or search for "CM7 themes" on Android market.

Once installed, the themes will be available in the themes chooser yes. According to the devs should reboot to fully apply the theme, but if you want to avoid reboots Android market might have something for you.

Things used to work, I applied a nightly update and now everything force-closes
Try wiping cache and dalvik cache in CWM. You should do this every time you install a new update.

Does CM7 need a lagfix?
CM7 uses ext4 (for /data) and yaffs2 (for everything else). CM7 does not use Samsung's RFS which was the main cause of poor performance on Samsung firmwares.

So no, your system is already lagfixed, you don't need to apply a lagfix and according to the developers very bad things will happen if you try to apply one anyway.

My current ROM has a lagfix. Do I need to disable that?
Probably not.

If you have a 2.3.3 ROM with 2.3.3 bootloaders, you will want to do a full wipe to stock 2.2.1. See above. In this case you no longer have a lagfix anyway and don't have to worry about it.

If you have a non-2.3.3 ROM with a lagfix, you don't have to disable it. All your partitions will get wiped by the installer anyway and so will your lagfix.

For whatever reason, I want to flash a custom kernel
You can use custom-kernels, but CM7 is a work in progress with new kernel-revisions popping out with every release. Make sure you flash a kernel which is compatible with the nightly you are running. Also: Do NOT flash via Odin, flash via CWM.

rschenck has a very good post on this.

If all you want is a "voodoo kernel" for voodoo sound, just (buy and) install Voodoo Control Plus from the market. It will load the required kernel-modules while you can stay on the stock kernel, making the lives of the developers much easier should you encounter bugs.

Is it possible to flash my own CSC from recovery after installing cm7?
According to the devs, this should not be needed.

Flashing other modems/radios
(Courtesy of GrimVarg: )

Odin will not work and it might **** **** up. The reason is that Odin and heimdal does not understand the CM partition layout and will just write the modem where it thinks is should be. Overwriting other stuff in the process.. So you need to use the specific update zipfiles on teamhacksungs sourceforge page

Instead of using Odin, download radio-packages from the following link, transfer to your phone and flash via CWM:

I want to keep my 850 band, and I don't recognize any of the modems on the sourceforge page
Lorssoth says "use KC1" and robbiev80 posted some download links you might be interested in.

Does external SD card work with cm7? Thanks!
It does. Make sure you have the proper bootloaders before installing as mentioned in the first part of this post. EZBase can be used for this.

External SD card will get mounted as /mnt/emmc. This may not be visible to all apps. If you desperately need the contents visible to apps only looking in /mnt/sdcard, create an empty directory there and remount the /mnt/emmc there as well:

Using either the terminal emulator or adb shell:
mkdir -p /mnt/sdcard/external_sd
mount /dev/block/vold/179:9 /mnt/sdcard/external_sd
Note: This is only a temporary fix for when needed. It will cause issues when you try to use USB sharing later. Write the following to get things back to normal:

umount /mnt/sdcard/external_sd

USB sharing doesn't work
Try installing the Nexus S drivers, instead of the Samsung ones.

After installing this camera doesn't work
Try locking and unlocking your phone. No really.

After installing this I cannot get any data-connections apart from wifi
There is a problem with RIL (radio interface layer)-polling. Lock and unlock and you should be OK.

If this sounds cumbersome, mobilescooby claims that installing Juicedefender somehow fixes this for him and that he no longer needs any lock and unluck boot-rituals.

This issue should now be resolved.

After doing this I still cannot get any data-connection apart from wifi
You might need to configure APN settings. Normally your network-provider will have this information on their homepages and some even offer to send them to you over the network.

After installing this I cannot send and/or receive MMSes
See above: You might need to configure APN settings. Check your provider.

After installing CM7 I cannot connect to my wifi-network
It might be related to what channels you have enabled on your phone. If your wifi network is using channel 12 or higher, you may need to enable those channels on your phone.

Go to Settings/Wifi & Network/Wifi settings/Advanced/Regulatory domain. And try not to be in violation of local laws with regard to channel usage

After installing CM7 I cannot connect to 802.1x EAP Wifi networks
This is seemingly an issue with lots of custom kernels and even some of the Samsung Firmwares. Yours truly can't get it to work at all, not on CM7 nor Samsung's JVB firmware.

Other people have reported that forgetting the network and adding it manually, by entering the SSID (with correct casing) and filling in all the details themselves have solved their problems.


After installing CM7 I cannot charge my phone to 100%. WTH
No actual firmwares allows you to charge the battery to 100%, but stops a little bit before it reaches that point. This is to protect the battery from overcharging and should (in the long run) give you much better battery-life.

While stock firmwares from Samsung shows that the phone is 100% charged, this simply isn't true and is just UI-candy to make you all feel comfy. It's really charged to something around 94-98 percent.

So if your phone stops charging around that point, everything is normal, and the only new thing is that your phone is no longer lying to you

My GPS performance is terrible
Welcome to the world of Samsung Galaxy S GPS flux. Things you can try to improve on this includes the following:

- Install faster fix from Android market. Ensure you have the best time-server for your area chosen.
- You can also try AngryGPS, which siberian tiger was nice enough to upload.
- If all else fails, you can also try to flash a radio with a good GPS reputation. For flashing radios, see the appropriate section of this post. For some detailed post about the different radios eeyunopper posted this link and this link. (With ZSJPG I am getting decent result, YMMV)

Auto brigthness is kinda not-worky
You can try the presets outlined by Arkymedes right here.

How do I configure proxy settings?
(Thanks to runedrune)
If you are used to looking for proxy settings under Settings/Wifi & Network/Wifi settings/Advanced, you wont find it there.

Using either Launcher pro/ADW Launcher or another launcher which lets you create shortcuts to activities:
* Long hold on some open space on your launcher
* Select (Custom) Shortcut
* Select Pick your activity/Activities
* Scroll down to settings and click this
* Scroll down the long list and you should find proxy settings

You now have a shortcut to configure proxies as usual.

This "headphones mic on mute + instant music after call bug" is really irritating
If you are using Samsung or Nokia headsets, this is due to a problem on their part. See Arkanius' post right here.

Other things I should be aware of?
- Don't use 2G/3G data-switching. Period. At least not while the data-connection is active.

Not trough widgets, tasker or any other means. Seriously. Should you do this, you might end up having to restore nandroid backups or doing factory resets.

This report has details on more sophisticated ways of cleaning up which may lead to less data-loss, although not everyone can get it to work.
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