Can someone try this recommendation to see if it works? I would but im nowhere near my computer.

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Hey guys don't forget the app was only released for certain phone models so most of us will probably need to use some work arounds.

Its working great on Tytung Nexus 2.7. If its not working for you, try this...

- Replace drmprovider.apk in system/apps with this file (;attach=1284 ). It is the drmprovider.apk from the LG Revolution, which has the required restrictions for Netflix. (Don't forget to back up the original first, just incase).

- Change model name in build.prop to Nexus One (model approved for Netflix service)

- Install Netflix.apk from market (Link in post 1, old Netflix apps that have been floating around didn't work for me, just this one).

Restart phone and try it out! That did it for me, hope it helps on other roms. Good luck!

Props to poster of LG Revolution drmprovide.apk to the guys at htchd2forum, OP of this thread for Netflix.apk, my idea on the build.prop model.

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