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did the kies method and lost root, so rerooted and now gonna reflash with the xwkdd in your download list.

lets see if root remains lol

success, any useless noobs like me around leave kies alone if rooted and want to merely reflash to get rid of the warning triangle lol
Kies updates a whole bunch of other stuff that You want to keep updated. Those new updates are actually pretty solid. Samsung is doing a great job on them. Everytime Kies tells you there is an update, just do the following:

- Update via Kies (you will loose root, but all other data will be safe)
- Reroot using the insecure kernel from the Chainfire thread.
- Come back here and download the Stock kernel for that latest update (currently KE2)
- Flash the Stock kernel

You will have everything at the latest version with the latest kernel and rooted, after those steps.

So if you just did a Kies update to KE2 rom, you can use the Stock KE2 kernel now. No need to go back to KDD.
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