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I have bothered to read the entire thread before posting... ;)
5 pages, not very long...

For testing, I send text message with another phone, while the screen is off: no led notification! same result with gmail and call.
At least gmail should do it, call and sms activates the screen on receiving.

If you are using a deodexed jvh, you can replace the services.jar in /system/framework/ with the one attached to this post. The services.jar is modified to match the led notification behavior of froyo (allows to trigger led notifications while the screen is on).
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- Backlight Notification (BLN) mods for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 - led notifications by touchkey backlight
- BLN control - blinking, call notification, scheduler, locale plug-in(s) and more
- SGS kernel flasher - flash a kernel from any .tar or .zip within android on Samsung i9000, Captivate, Fascinate, Vibrant and more.

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