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Attention: Development for this ROM has stopped. I depended on MIUI releases, and since they stopped releasing for the N1 with version 2.3.30/GB, that is the last I can use. I am releasing R4 as I had promised to fix a few last bugs, but it is now very likely the last one. I don't have the time, and I don't have the N1 any more (it is my wife's now).

Hello all,
My idea with this ROM is to keep it lean and fast, with some tunings but no theming, and with minimal additions (the list is below). I hope you like it.

This ROM started as a no-frills, as near to the basic MIUI as it can be, multi-language ROM. I've made it for myself and have been using this ROM and decided to upload it in case anyone else is interested. In the beginning, it was basically only the Chinese deodexed ROM with the XJ multi-language pack applied, and the build.prop edited and tuned for our N1. No theming, no apps apart from those in the MIUI ROM and the multi-language pack.
I've since added a changed bluetooth audio.conf from here, roenano's 4-way reboot menu (original and credits here), a tuned media_profiles.xml for better photo quality, and the Genie widget for news and meteorology. I use all of these, and they have made my life easier, so I hope they will help you also.
Should be usable with only a cache and dalvik-cache wipe if coming from another MIUI ROM. In case of problems, just wipe everything a few times before flashing - and use AmonRa's recovery.
I will update it every week after the XJ multi-language pack is updated.

Differences from base MIUI+ XJ translations:
Spike_M -
- GERMAN by dRaCID01 and team Germany
- ITALIAN by Mish
- POLISH by Accid
- DUTCH forum
- HEBREW by roenano, forum
- VIETNAMESE by langthang
- KOREAN blog by omosiro
- PORTUGUESE by IoDa Master
- PORTUGUESE by pdazevedo in this thread
- RUSSIAN by Xenon007, student926
- ARABIC in progress
- FRENCH by mnlk2, Updates by Allezxandre
- DANISH by 1982strand
- HUNGARIAN by slukk
- SLOVENIAN by gepardus

2.3.30r4 released.
  • Used an updated apktool that should avoid the errors found previously on the translations.
  • Fixed the alarm clock in English, tested and it finally doesn't FC.
  • Added what Romanian translations there were in XJ (it is quite incomplete).
  • Added the extended settings mod.
  • More fixes to the translations
  • Finally fixed the alarm clock FC (and possibly also the reboot on superuser, needs more tests)
  • Once again updated Gmail, Play Store and MX Browser
  • Beats audio is back on the odex version
  • Small translation related issues fixed
  • Reverted the A2SD and deodexed XPART versions to "no beats audio". Since adding Beats Audio makes the ROM too large for a "normal" HBOOT, the only version with it is the one that already needed a changed HBOOT - the odexed XPART version.
  • Some changes on 2.3.23 - in an attempt to fix the "superuser reboot" bug, I stopped using directly XJs apks, and instead now use the ones directly from MIUI and add the translations. You'll notice that the default theme now is the original MIUI one. Unfortunately, my N1 will still reboot if some app needs to access SMS or an incoming call and only has "ask always" in superuser.
  • Due to the changes in 2.3.23, please do a full wipe and flash. Don't try to upgrade an existing QND MIUI as it will loop. Please use MIUI Backup, or Titanium, or whatever you prefer to backup and restore your apps.
  • Now with Beats Audio!
  • Updated the Italian translation from Nexus-lab.
  • Odexed XPART ROM available, but will need a changed hboot. Look up Blackrose on the N1 development forum, and change your hboot to 220 system,15 cache. If you don't understand this phrase, stay away from this version.
  • More dalvik "optimizations" removed, as apparently they now break MIUI.
  • Had a wrong dalvik setting in the tweaks file that finally gave me a huge headache getting xpart working. Fixed.
  • Speeded up boot a little, as the sqlite optimization is now launched asynchronously.
  • Finally fixed a long standing bug on XPART, from Rod's time; you can now wipe dalvik-cache in 4Ext or in CWM recoveries without going into a boot loop. In fact, I now can recommend 4Ext, as Amon Ra's recovery hasn't been updated in a long time, and 4Ext is very much feature complete.
  • Persian translation
  • vold mod, to allow fast usb transfers again
  • MX Browser (alongside the default Miren browser)
  • Removed libsqlite fix, since sqlite was updated by MIUI.
  • 4-way reboot mod. Vol-skip + 4-way reboot again. Vol-skip was missing the full 4-reboot, so this version only has 4-way reboot menu Both mods haven't been updated, and cause boot loops.
  • Removed user apps with libs - Terminal, Titanium Backup. Unfortunately support for flashing user apps in the ROM with MUIU seems broken for now, at least for apps that include libs.
  • Full MIUI changelog here.
  • ATTENTION: root access now needs to be explicitly enabled in the superuser application. Press the menu key then choose settings to enable root access for "new" apps. Apps that already had root permissions (if you're upgrading) will keep them even with this setting disabled, so you can probably keep it disabled most of the time.
  • Some more tuning, now from knzo - here

From 1.8.12, there are big changes in the XPART variant! If you had the previous one, up to 1.8.7, please do a backup and a full wipe (5 full wipes to make sure ) before installing the new ROM.
The new XPART is based on Rodriguez XPART, instead of xavierjohn22 version; since Rod based his work in XJ, it is still a derivative, but it has a lot of changes. The most important ones are that the partitions are mounted as loop devices, increasing speed. To add reliability, I've enabled journaling (and for those who tested my scripts between 1.8.5 and 1.8.12 journaling could be enabled or not depending on the previous ROM).
If you don't know XPART is a Data2SD variant that is reputed to be fast and stable.
You can use it with one FAT32 and one ext4 partition, as A2SD, which seems to be the more stable setup, but the recommended setup for speed is one FAT32, one large ext4 (for your data partition), one smaller ext4 (cache), and a swap partition. I'm not that much of a fan of a swap partition, as I am always afraid it will wear out the SD card precociously, but most people report it working well, and I prefer the single ext4 for stability, but YMMV.
There is a great howto by docmjldds in the Rod ROM thread.
Just remember, XPART isn't as widely used as A2SD, and might be less mature. As always, I take no responsibility for any problems.
ATTENTION: XPART will wipe your ext4 partition(s) if it doesn't recognize the format, that is, if it doesn't find a couple of special files that identify it.

ATTENTION: I can't give much support to the XPART versions, as my N1 doesn't like them, starting to heat a lot and ending up by corrupting the SD card. My uSD card died recently, and I got a Sandisk 32GB class 4. It is faster than the Patriot class 10 I had, and XPART seems to be very stable with it.

I'll keep doing the A2SD ROMs, my aim is to make these two very similar, only differing in the specific scripts.

If you want to risk it, the ROMs are here: registration link (I really need more space for my ROMS):

2.1.20 is on folder:
2.2.10 also on
2.2.17 on

Now also on multiupload - - - - - - - (92.77 MB) -
(95.07 MB) -
(96.47 MB) -

Since the idiots at Minus no longer allow uploads of zip files, 2.3.30r4 is now on box:

I removed the old download links, which were broken due to the terrorist attacks on megaupload, filesonic and multiupload.


Other MIUI XJ based N1 ROMs:
1982strand's Twisted MIUI V2 theme
A very special thank you to:
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