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If you are looking for something a little more "full fat" this post will contain the beta development of the full theme.

25/05 Here is the first available public beta version 3.

This version contains preliminary pages for
  • gallery - this includes two interchangable views
  • text
  • mail - with multiple account selection
  • people
28/05 Beta 4 Changelog
  • bluetooth toggle replaced by soundtoggle (request)
  • network toggle replaced by page that will contain bt wifi and radio toggles
  • Holding page for Music
  • Text Mail & People pages layout improved
  • Weather update block replaced by weather page
To Do: Network / Music / Apps & Settings pages

31/05 Beta5 Changelog

Only one small and yes significant change here, due to google messing with their api's the weather icons in 90% of all TL themes will have stopped displaying.

04/06 Beta6 Changelog
  • Have FIXED the weather as previously detailed above.
  • Note for skin creators - check the icons for the weather now, there is only a background for the theme colour and the weather icons are now held in a separate folder
  • At the request of actionboy there is now a custom1 and custom2 option within the block colour selection of the throttle config
** actionboy if you repack your skins as above and send them to me I will update them in the third post

10/06 Beta 7 Changelog
  • Fixed a couple of missing weather conditions
  • Completed network page
  • Added the Music page for Windows Media Player only so far
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