Update fully working

big shoutout to Austineasleyinfo for continued patience and testing

the moment yall have been waiting for, qbking made another one of his awesome videos for this app


chrisgrod from mycricketforum was nice enough to make a how to video using the one click check it out here and make sure to give him a nice thumbs up for teh like


Uploaded version 2.0

Added busybox install
Removed that pesky installrecovery.sh so now anyone running this will have cwm
upgraded to cwm orange courtesy of j_r0dd


if you have any issues at all pm me as it get them as emails so i can know if someone is having problems.

lol this is for the ns4g as it uses crespo4g recovery, i know the nexus s could flash it but i am unaware of any ill side effects. i think worst case is you wont be able to flash a nexus s rom :eek:

its hosted on my server so dont worry about bandwidth or it going anywhere
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