Angry Chainfire 3d and all the plugins for THD games

I know that there is already a chainfire thread but i find it better if i made a guide with all the plugins(instead of just nvidia)

What you will need:

a computer

Chainfire 3d, his xda page for the app (

the plugins it supports



make sure that the plugins are on the ROOT of your sdcard

go into chainfire app you will have to install the initial chainfire driver and then your phone will reboot automatically

then go back into chainfire and press install plugin

it will search for the plugins, install all 3 of them

then whenever you want to change which plugin you are using go into the OPENGL settings and press use plugin

it will then allow you to choose one of the 3

thats it

remember if a game doesnt work on one of them doesnt mean it wont work on another one trust me

Games that for sure are not working:
backbreaker THD

i will update the list as you tell me your problems ^


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