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15th June 2011, 04:01 AM |#1  
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[ROM] EaglesBlood's 2.3.7 GingerBread For G2X The Best Of Both Worlds Based On Cm7 SOURCE For G2X

This is 2.3.7 Gingerbread based off on the latest CM7 SOURCE with the spice of EagleBlood's touch and tweaks.
Let me start by saying BIG THANKS TO CM7-TEAM for they're amazing work without these guys hard work and great features none of this would be possible for me and other developers building Roms.

*2.3.7 Gb Rooted 

*Based on the latest CM7 source

*incorporated latest Cm7 updates

*Cyanogen Parts included

*EB performance/Tweaks

*Smother/Faster UI

*System converted to EXT4

*Scriptybox (Thanks CVPCS)

*All PNG's optimized

*3D Launcher2 Tweaked (fast)

*New custom host file with many Ad Blocks

*Vm Heap size set to 48 by default

*Low memory killer added
fixed symlink 

*Screen on/off animation

*Gb keyboard re-sized to same size as 2.2.2 version  

*Transparent dialer/contacts 

*Modified nexus live wallpaper

*Video camera extension/button

*Spare parts in system settings Wip more futures to come

*Overscroll glow color customization in spare parts

*MIUI battery style under cm setting

*Honeycomb lockscreen clock

*Wi-fi calling

*Theme Chooser

*New Fonts

*New boot animation

*Black Google quick search bar


Download Google apps Here



Changelog 2.8 *Incorporated latest changes from CM source *Added Spare Parts to system settings *SCRIPTYBOX is back....:D *Render UI with GPU instead of CPU *Build.props tweaks *Disabled usb debugging by default *Increased overall touch and scroll responsiveness *Lots of media tweaks for streaming videos faster *Raised quality of JPEG images *Increased quality of videos and photos *Modified nexus live wallpaper *Lots more that i can't remember now but this should do it until rmcc releases ICS source Changelog 2.7 *Full wipe recommended with this build *Updated to 7.2.0 CM Source *Implemented some of my previous tweaks/changes not all of them since I started all fresh but finally got it where i want it so more stuff to come *New bootanimation thanks to IB IO IX IE IR :) *Fixed all the previous bugs from v2.6 if you find new ones feedback's are welcome *Removed spare parts from system settings will add it back on v2.8 with new features wip *Cleaned up lots of stuff smaller file size than v2.6 96mb file *Added a link for themes in op it seems that lots of new members don't know that there's so many cm7 themes out there it's not even funny *Added back video camera extension button Changelog 2.6 *Finally after setting up my new PC specifically for G2x i decided its time to give you guys some EGB love, I guess you can call this release "Initial release" from where i left off. *Synced on 01/29/12 from CM7 source *Incorporated latest changes from source and some *Added spare parts to system settings *More to come stay tuned :cool: Changelog 2.5 *Full wipe a must for this version tons of changes *Since i came back from vacation 2days ago I've been working on this release lots of changes and bugs fixes *Incorporated latest changes from source *Speed and overall performance tweaks *Faster GPS lock *More speed tweaks to my Launcher2 *Better battery life *Fixed lots of bugs from 2.4 *Fixed the pb ppl were having with YouTube *Replace stock music.apk with music cube *Other minor changes and tweaks *Still have to merge all my features like MIUI battery bar,Spare Parts and etc since i had to start everything from scratch again *There's more things that I'm trying to remember I need to write them down in a piece of paper since I'm trying to support 3 different phones LOL Changelog 2.4 *Incorporated Latest Cm7 update from source *APN FIX (Thanks to cm_acree) *Added option to uninstall app in launcher 2 *Reverted back to stock fonts *Phone call audio improvement * Few other Small bugs and fixes Changelog 2.3 *New Base 2.3.7 *Incorporated Latest Cm7 update from source *All my features and tweaks from 2.3.5 *Smother/Faster *New Fonts Changelog 2.2 *Recommended update *A2DP FIXED (Thanks to cm team):D *Fixed lockscreen animation *New ring lockscreen icons *Added MIUI battery style under cm setting *Edit built.props *Better graphics Changelog 2.1 *Recommended update FULL WIPE A MUST FOR THIS VERSION Lots of stuff changed to framework *New ring lockscreen (sick) thanks to Valor.T for his source :D Under lockscreen style choose ring go back and click custom app starter to get the full effect. You can pretty much move the rings in lockscreen to anywhere in the screen. *Incorporated Latest Cm7 update from source *4G enabled by default *Improved data *Faster GPS lock *New usb icon *Recommended kernel with this version ELP go here Changelog 2.0 *Fixed usb bug issue some ppl were having with 1.9 *Fixed home screen lag due to velocity set on the launcher *Updated gapps Changelog 1.9 *Incorporated Latest Cm7 update from source *Every single PNG is optimized *Added back Morfic's latest kernel cause simply it's the sh.. :D *Better RAM optimization *Added option in spare parts overscroll glow color customization WIP more futures to come *Updated to launcher2 now with my tweaks blazing fast :D *Few more stuff that i can't remember at this moment will write them down next time :) Changelog 1.8 *Incorporated Latest Cm7 update *Added video camera extension/button *Added spare parts to system settings *Reverted back to CM/stock kernel since there's a GPS fix included this time *Few changes/Tweaks in framework for speed EB tweaks for smother/faster overall performance Changelog 1.7 *Incorporated Latest Cm7 update *Added Morfic's kernel Trinity UV11 Thanks to Morfic for his amazing work :) *Added scriptybox thanks CVPCS *Fix wifi issue some ppl were having *Updated superuser 3.0 Changelog 1.5 *Incorporated Latest Cm7 update *Converted system to EXT4 *Improved data and gps *Improve battery readings *Battery life improvement *Added black Google quick search bar (included in gapps) *Added new market (included in gapps) *Fixed music weird static noise while playing music *More tweaks for smother/faster overall performance Changelog 1.4 *Incorporated Latest Cm7 update *Converted system to EXT4 *New custom host file with many Ad Blocks *Vm Heap size set to 48 by default *Updated libs *I/0 Tweak *Added and *Smother/Faster overall system with the new tweaks *New Fonts *Screen turns on now when plug/unplug usb *Many more tweaks Changelog 1.3 *Incorporated Latest Cm7 update *More tweaks * Eb kernel *Data improvement *Low memory killer added fixed symlink


wipe data
wipe cache
wipe dalvik
back to main screen
mounts and storage select format/system
install rom from sd card
Install gapps
Reboot enjoy
If coming from previous version just wipe cache and dalvik

If you like the ROM support me or don't forget to hit

Eagleblood_V2.5 MD5 Sum:fe1fdf93ee42c2fd6c578fc29c6d877a Eagleblood_V2.4 MD5 Sum: Eagleblood_V2.3 MD5SUM:34491ea5a46dc8d046258d51c16301c2 Eagleblood_V2.2 MD5SUM:c5e0cef5362237ddf84cc22e3ac152bd Eagleblood_V2.1 MD5SUM:c5e0cef5362237ddf84cc22e3ac152bd Eagleblood_V2.0 md5sum :d1bece9b0e86f17e23c3d4b37230674a Eagleblood_V1.9 md5sum :5ea955cb3d605c18054ccf406f29bdf6 Eagleblood_V1.8 md5sum :0e4d2975ede81718ea9eccb8256ac33b Eagleblood_V1.7 md5sum :0e4d2975ede81718ea9eccb8256ac33b Eagleblood_V1.6 md5sum:b27ee34105f51a0da79c1c4537145afc Eagleblood_V1.5 md5sum: c1dfa9b81d4558dd328126136f9cf203 Eagleblood_V1.4 md5sum: bb87bc4201ec05c35eb06754d266f51a Eagleblood_V1.3 RC md5sum: fa8efc9a23b3424ebb2e5495fff4f6c1 EagleBlood_V1.2 RC md5sum: f405b01e1d8850800c7def9d8128a6eb EagleBlood_V1.1_p999


*Cyanogen and Team Douche for their source
*CVPCS for Scriptybox
*Morfic for his awesome Kernels
*Deadstyle for FAQ
*Everybody else who has contributed and donated



Feel free to use our special banner prepared for you by BOXER
Also you can check some of the cool stuff from IB IO IX IE IR HERE

EaglesBlood by doniqcc. Get it [HERE].


*Imraan Sookia
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