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You WILL lose your contacts by doing this and you will have to restore them. I am not responsible for any errors that may occur in the process. I am not a developer or a hacker, I'm just a guy who had a problem and fixed it with a VERY long google search. Cheers.

I had the same problem. Constant (every 5 seconds) force close with a "process com.android.acore" FC. Flashing Vanilla, switching Roms, rebooting, all that did not help as it does not erase personal data (which is where the problem lies). If you don't have it, I STRONGLY suggest you keep a copy of Titanium Backup on your G-tab. If you have this force close problem, you will not be able to DL via the market, so you will have to sideload via the link I provided below. (You MUST be rooted to use Titanium Backup).

Once Titanium Backup is installed...
go to the "Backup/Restore" tab -->
scroll down to "Contacts 2.2" -->
click on it, then select "wipe data" -->
then scroll down to "Contacts Sync Adaptor 2.2.1" and do the same.

Once you have done those it should have fixed your "process com.android.acore" FC problems. Now you will need to restore your contacts via whichever method you have them backed up.

I'm a noob, so it won't let me embed links. But here it is...

mediafire dot com/?g0jurgugmr985e2
This did not work for me until I noticed a third Contacts related app in Titanium backup. Once I wiped data in "{Contacts/Calls} Contacts Storage 2.2" it the FC issue for me. I am using TnT lite4.4.0