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Just noticed that it changed my GV number to my regular number. Im hoping that if i change it to my GV number it would solve this but the problem is i dont remember it.
This has nothing to do with MIUI, but instead a recent update to new Google Voice build.

Upon installation, Google Voice first asks you if you want to merge your GVoice and Sprint number. You should be pressing SKIP to keep your numbers separate.

The same goes for when it asks you which voicemail you wish to manage your calls; if you want to keep your Sprint and GVoice voicemails separate, then you should also be skipping this step.

If by accident, instead of pressing the first SKIP, you press NEXT which then merges your Sprint and GVoice numbers, you have to first logon to your Google Voice account from your browser [must be able to view in desktop mode, if from your mobile browser], click the gear icon in the upper right, and then Voice Settings.

From there click "Deactivate Google Voice on this phone." You will be prompted to punch in a two digit security code, and eventually it will be deactivated.

Then uninstall and reinstall Google Voice from the Market, and this time, hit the first SKIP.

After all that is set up, go into Settings > Common and under Phone Security, toggle Third Party Access on.

The first few calls and SMS I received from Google Voice, MIUI popped up a SuperUser prompt asking if I wanted to allow Google Voice access, and for both I selected Allow.

I hope that solves your problem.
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