Default Version 1.4

Version 1.4 - (Jun. 24)
  • A whole new version using NMEA sentences.
  • Hide Fix/Sats info when you go to basement or tunnel.
  • Show DOP/HDOP/VDOP values in GPS Status.
  • Show Altitude above Geoid (i.e. mean sea level) and Geoid height. (You will see both of them in GPS Status. The value within parentheses is Geoid height.)
  • Show correct SNR (Signal to noise ratio) value.
  • Disable AGPS Ephemeris data (xtra.bin) injection.
  • Assume Measurement Precision to 5.0 meters.
  • Include updated,, and (Only one file will be used by your ROM. I suggest to delete the other two files in this zip file, and then flash it.)

AGPS is not working in v1.4 yet. The workaround is to use Magic libgps to inject AGPS Ephemeris data (xtra.bin) and flash back to v1.4.