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Yeah, give ne a little bit. Half hour tops. I will rev up the machine and upload it.

Edit: off topic and know you guys are tired of hearing the generic statements from HTC.

The did respond to the request send me a unlocked phone or send updated hboot. They said no of course but then said they planned to unlock for future devices and made it clear about that. I am not so sure they plan on this one so it may be up to us and certainly don't take their otas yet as it may still be closing security holes. I did respond as a developer and hopefully get a flear answer if they are or are not for this phone.

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From what I know and am able to talk about, the 3VO was already in contract a locked device before the CEOs announcement was made. I work for a backbone provider for alot of these carriers and manufacturers. From what I have heard 3VO isn't going to be unlocked by HTC. All phones that were not finalized before the announcement will be from here on out. Please don't ask me how I know or specifics, my job could be at stake.

Now that I have said that, I just repaired my EVO and have the new GB update with the new HBOOT 2.16 since all exploits are fixed looks like I will be working with you guys to find the exploit in 2.3.3. I have been following this thread so I won't be asking dumb questions, just saying im in.

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