Talking good news for you

detailed instructions how to downgrade to froyo
after you accidently flash full sbf of leaked gingerbread 2.3.4

big thanks to:
_shadow_ from | link
djkail from xda | link
walter79 from xda | link
download this (these are painly big ass files):
-this unique eclair sbf: It's a unique eclair release with version 5 of cg31 and cg39 (same with leaked gingerbread), so you can flash directly to it.
-superoneclick root for defy
-custom recovery app for defy
-rsd lite 4.9
-moto usb drivers: for 32 bit, for 64 bit.
-cee froyo nandroid backup
-cee froyo fixed+edited sbf *EDIT* *AGAIN*
here's the steps:
- please, next time you'll have to be more careful, it's not a cheap device for some people
- make sure you have > 80 % battery
- power your phone with volume down still pressed to enter stock recovery,
- press vol.up+vol.down to show the menu
- then do "wipe data/factory reset" and "wipe cache" --> must do this!!
- reboot from stock recovery, immediately press and hold volume up for 5 seconds, then release to enter bootloader mode,
- make sure drivers and rsd lite have been installed before
- then plug your usb to computer, open rsd lite and flash that unique eclair sbf, wait untill it finish and defy got to main menu
- now you are on eclair. do not play with camera for now, i'm afraid it will broke your flashlight
- turn off usb debugging, set usb connection as mass storage,
- extract and copy cee froyo nandroid backup to \sdcard\goapkrev\backup | it should be like this: \sdcard\goapkrev\backup\ThisIsTheFolderOfCEENandro id\
- and copy custom recovery app somewhere you can access it later
- set usb connection as none
- turn on usb debugging, get root with superoneclick root for defy, reboot
- turn off usb debugging
- open custom recovery installer with file manager, open that app. Tap install recovery, then reboot recovery
- do wipe data, then wipe cache ----> must do!!
- select backup/restore, select restore, then select Froyo CEE Nadroid *EDIT*
- reboot system now, but immediately press and hold volume up for 5 seconds, then release to enter bootloader mode
- on bootloader mode, plug usb, open rsd lite, flash the fixed sbf of cee froyo
- wait untill the progress done, and defy run up on main menu.
- done, you should be happy now, it's froyo again. It's cee froyo (the stable one, many devs use it)
- install baseband switcher to suits your baseband region.

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