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For the love of God & all that is holy. Please someone make a lock screen mod that removes those damn bubbles behind the icons...
How To Change the Bubbles in 3.0 Lockscreen
  1. You need the latest version of m10 tools
  2. Unzip the M10 tool
  3. Open up M10Editor.exe
  4. Press load file and find your idlescreen_base.apk
  5. Once it's un-zipped click over to m10 files tab
  6. Make sure the decode images box at the bottom is checked
  7. Double click Lockscreen_shortcut.m10 and decomplie it
  8. Expand the bars until you get to Textures, where the images are all located. Keep in mind images are upside down and must stay upside down.
  9. Right click on the image and press Show in Explorer
  10. Right click on it in the explorer and press 'open with' and use the program of choice and edit it how you like
  11. Go back to the start and press Save file and now you have your modded apk ready to go.

How to Change 3.0 Lockring