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12th July 2011, 10:02 PM |#1  
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ATTENTION: Custom Android 3.2 ROM available! Both 3G and Wi-Fi users can enjoy Team Tiamat Xoom Rom 2.0.1 Manta Ray. If you want the latest features implemented by Team Tiamat, install Manta Ray; otherwise, if you want stock 3.2 with root, continue below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update is for the US Xoom Wi-Fi MZ604 with Android 3.1 ONLY!!! As of v05 of this update, the update script performs NO CHECKS of files before flashing rooted stock 3.2 system and boot images. This means it won't stop you from flashing on a Xoom 3G; it will just flash and you're left with the mess, if any. Please proceed only if you're tech-savvy with Android and the Xoom, ready to restore to stock 3.1 in case of issues, and good at troubleshooting. Please provide feedback and corrections, and I'll update the post as quickly as I can. Thanks!

WARNING: Following this procedure may damage or permamently destroy your device. This procedure is provided with NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Perform this procedure at your own risk.

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: I have personally tested this procedure ONLY ON THE US XOOM WI-FI MZ604 with Android 3.1 HMJ37. If you have a non-US Xoom Wi-Fi, this procedure may break your device. If you have a Xoom 3G, this procedure may break your device. If you're running a version of Android prior to 3.1, this procedure may break your device (update to 3.1 first).


Here's a run-down on the current procedure:
  • Updates the Xoom Wi-Fi from 3.1 HMJ37 to 3.2 HTJ85B using ClockworkMod Recovery (
  • Flashes system partition with rooted stock 3.2 image (minus the recovery overwrite script)
  • Includes Superuser.apk and su binary to enable functioning root (thanks, chainsdd)
  • Flashes the boot (kernel) partition with rooted stock 3.2 kernel (thanks, solarnz)
  • Stock kernel means no extras (overclocking, etc.) from custom kernels
  • Leaves existing recovery partition intact (stock 3.2 update overwrites it on every reboot)
  • Leaves user data intact
  • Includes Android 3.2 support for hardware SDCard (shows in Settings|Storage, /mnt/external1)

Outstanding Issues:
  • Too many steps: Include the edited updater-script, su, Superuser.apk in a custom
  • Requires stock 3.1 Boot partition (kernel): Need to include solarnz's stock rooted 3.2 boot.img and just flash that over whatever is there
  • Requires stock 3.1 HMJ37 System partition (ROM): Might include a stock 3.2 system.img and remove the checks for stock 3.1 system files, but it will make the .zip huge
  • Users with custom ROM's report issues after update: users suggest factory reset/full wipe (including user data) in ClockworkMod Recovery prior to updating (read through the thread for more info)
  • Superuser update available in market, but update fails: my bad for not including the latest and putting the apk in /system/app makes upgrading less easy. Delete superuser.apk using adb, terminal, or rootish file manager app, and the upgrade should work (thanks, GeekyGuy)

Now, without further ado...

  1. Rename the modded Android 3.2 Update file to
  2. Reboot into recovery
    1. Reboot your Xoom
    2. When the Motorola logo splash screen appears, press the Volume Down button to scroll through boot options and select "--> Android Recovery"
    3. Press the Volume Up button to enter Android recovery
  3. Perform update
    Note that in recovery, you use the hardware volume buttons to navigate up and down, and the power button to select. Note also if you are coming over from a custom ROM, users suggest doing a factory reset/full wipe (including user data) ClockworkMod Recovery prior to performing the following steps (read the thread for more info).
    1. In ClockworkMod Recovery, select "mounts and storage"
    2. Ensure your Xoom is connected to your PC via USB, then select "mount USB storage"
    3. On your PC, copy to the root of the Xoom's SDCard ("Removable Disk" in Windows)
    4. In ClockworkModRecovery (still on the "USB Mass Storage device" screen) select "Unmount"
    5. In the "Mounts and Storage Menu" screen, if the option "unmount /sdcard" is present, continue to the next step; if "mount /sdcard" is present, select it then continue
    6. Select "+++++Go Back+++++"
    7. Select "apply update from sdcard"
    8. Select "Yes - Install /sdcard/"

      "Install from sdcard complete." will indicate that the update is completed.
    9. Select "reboot system now"
  4. Enjoy your rooted Xoom Wi-Fi, running on Android 3.2!


  • v05: Removed system file checks and patches; instead flashes 3.2 system image with Superuser.apk and su binary preinstalled and recovery overwrite removed.
  • v04: Included Superuser.apk and su binary; no need to have them prior to updating. Still requires stock 3.1 HMJ37 system/ROM.
  • v03: First release of modded, removes check for stock 3.1 boot partition, flashes solarnz rooted stock 3.2 boot.img
  • v02: Added su symlink to updater-script
  • v01: First release, modded updater-script for manual mod to file
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