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13th July 2011, 12:22 PM
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Welcome to

This ROM is based on latest nightly of CM7 with my kernel and my tablet tweaks added to create the probably smoothest and fastest ROM your HD2 ever had.

It´s available for MAGLDR and CLK Boot loader.

Mirrors are ready for you to get my ROM and test it.

For all new users please read all info + change log before asking thanks.

Critical thing that you need to know.
This ROM works with SWAP / NO SWAP


My kernel GIT

Kernel Made by ME in Mirrors! see below for thread link.
LINK to GPS LIBS by Tytung And BIG Thanks once more!

If you like this ROM and want to help me, rate this page with 5 STARS and give me a THANKS!


  • GPS LIBS 2.1 NMEA with AGPS Support 5 to 20 second to GPS lock -> Link
  • Added GPS Status app to test GPS,BIG Thanks to Tytung
  • Camera that make picks with 100% Jpeg quality + Video on "HD" 800x480 6Mbit/s in MPEG4 format! smooth with no delays. 30MB/minute Found It HERE Thanks LeJay!
  • Added MIUI Camera v17 Fixed2, for all. (Thanks to MongooseHelix)
  • Latest nightly created for BRAVO phone. (Masked as HD2)
  • DATA Connection is above 2.5Mbits download! and Radio Auto switch 3G or H according to signal or Idle DATA to save Power!
  • TABLET TWEAKS, With big help from Lit
  • Cool Skin with ICS 4.0 transition and lot's of nice icons, created by UOT kitchen
  • Battery % advance by 1% not by 5% also shows % on charger connected
  • Added CRONTAB ability as ADD-ON this will make ROM free of dead file cache and RAM / SWAP cache on different time, Read Page 3 for info.
  • Lots of scripts that do kernel tweaking, partition remounting, CPU down-volting, cache rearrange, send marked downloads to RAM-DRIVE and more
  • ROM Support Apps2SD! NO NEED To install external scripts!!! all apps will be installed to EXT partition by default, if no EXT exist then to NAND drive!
  • ROM now supports DATA To EXT, this mod will move all app data to EXT and speed access to them by 3 times!
  • With DATA to EXT quadrant score is 2800+ on light rom, 2600+ on heavy loaded rom.
  • ROM has media / video decoder/ encoder drivers that allow loud sound from speaker and smooth video record and play back
  • ROM has 2 modes, with swap and without it. (HIGH END / LIGHT) (read more below)
  • Added HACKED DPI check Market , now you can download and install any app, by using any density resolution!
  • Default CM7 FM Radio
  • Ads block in HOSTS file, more than 23500 ads blocked
  • Full root with new superuser 3.X already updated to latest SU
  • Preinstalled Busybox 1.19.4 ,configured and ready
  • CLK Ril_Wrapper 4 installed to fix the connection problem
  • Added GTALK 1.3 with voice / video support
  • Added latest Google Apps limited pack, only needed apps
  • DATA / WIFI / GPS / AUTO DIM LIGHTS and blink lights Fixed LIB!
  • Working WIFI Tethering app > Barnacle Wifi Tether (Found by Rudyfastcat )
  • MMS blurry pics fix for T-Mobile US users by Tytung! > HERE
  • Dorimanx-Kernel made by me (kernel thread)
  • ZRAM support (compcache)
  • Aroma Installer Menu, that will guide you on installation!

If you are here and want this ROM then you have already CLK / MAG partition installed and ready.
If not please check how too in any different ROM long guide for starters,
This is the most advanced ROM for now.

Decide which version you want :
  1. With Swap
    -you will need an auto task-killer since the Internal Auto killer is DISABLED!!!
    -Recommended are System Tuner Pro + Advanced Task Killer
    -to make it High-End create a SD-ext as usual + create a swap partition of 256MB and flash my ROM
  1. Without Swap
    -Home-Refreshes will be present (but not always!)
    -to make your ROM a lite version choose it in install menu!


  • Flash the CWM partition layout from Mirrors,
  • Do a backup of SD card,format it and create a SDext and swap(256Mb)
  • Flash “Dorimanx-Rom-X.X.X-Nightly-XXX-All-in-One !!
  • Everything will be done by my scripts and ROM
  • Boot and restore all your stuff and customize it to your personal wishes.
  • Make a backup via recovery after all to have a backup if you do something bad later.


---> This ROM is in constant grow, and Bug find and repair, so if you don't like to flash updates often! then use an other ROM <---

Things to know about ROM

On each boot, you will see Ember Lights blink 3 times and switch to Green!
This is how you know that ROM is loading OK, and there is no boot loop,
When Rom will be almost fully loaded the Green Light will blink 3 times and switch off.
My advice not to unlock phone till you see the GREEN light blink then wait 5 seconds and unlock, this way Home app will load fast and no delays.
When Light blink 3 times green it's tell you that CPU is released and ready for more jobs!

If you see the Ember light again and again and no animation then ROM in Boot loop. (95% will not happen ) I test my ROM many times before upload.

How to update (ROM already installed but not latest version):
  • Clear cache.
  • Clear Dalvik cache (not necessary if you don´t have problems dont do it!)
  • Download and flash new release like usual
  • When booted, wait till CPU will be free, 3 green blinks!
  • REBOOT!!!
  • No permission fix needed, but if some FC on some apps, do it! and clear there data! should fix all problems.
  • Be Happy

This is all the GUIDE you need.

Have fun!

Here is new mirror provided by Willflint

Here is my mirror provided by looki75

Here is my mirror provided by Netson99

Here is my mirror provided by Guinhill

If MAIN Mirror is SLOW please use the BACKUPS!

Also if you find this ROM and my help worth 5 STARS then rate this page with 5 STARS!

Here i will post names of people that helped me with development testing and donated to get me going

All people that DONATED or helping me with this project are considered true members of my team!

Willflint, Looki75, Netson99 and Guinhill = Huge donation!!! The Mirror sites! all credits and respect to them!
Krook6023=Main Page modification!!! He is the creator of LOGOS and rearrangements! HUGE DONATION!
Tytung,Marc1706, AmeriCanAndroid,Fhasovic=For Help with KERNEL! and GPS Libs!
Louie317=HUGE Donation! 100$,Honored member!
Jonas2295=HUGE Donation! one more HD2 that he partially donated to me for help in development! 2 is better then one + Main Page Text modding!
Nixda99 & Amarullz =HUGE Donation to this ROM! The AROMA Installer boot menu. (Developed by Amarullz and tuned for ROM by Nixda99 and Me)
Tiger22=Donation X5,Support,active help,Veteran and Honored member!
Denny02ng=Donation X5,Support,respected Veteran and honored member!
Belzebuth=Donation X4,Support,active help,respected Veteran and Honored member!
Bologna=Donation X4,Support,active help,respected Veteran and Honored member!
Hinnne=Donation X3,CLK Kernel Testing,support,active help,respected veteran member!
Howell=Promotion of our ROM on French Android HD2 Portal with high success!,Honored Member!
Ccbm3=HUGE Support!,For creating the ROM Review and upload to YouTube! Great JOB!
Pirlano=Honored Member!, for helping me find the way to move DATA to EXT! and make our ROM super Fast!
Rudyfastcat=active help,feedback,support,respected veteran member!
Feanor91= active feedback and support,respected veteran member!
Visentinel=active help,feedback,support,respected veteran member!
Lit=Big Help with Tablet Tweaks,support,active help,And Promotion of our ROM in Russian Forum!
Themadproducer= Donations + active feedback and support,respected veteran member!
Gerardroid =Donation X2 + active help,feedback,support,respected veteran member!
Allcomb =BIG $$ Donation + active help,feedback,support,
Miguelidanez=Donation X2,Support,respected veteran member!
MystaMagoo =Donation X2,Support,active help,respected veteran member!
Barjel=Donation X2,active feedback,support,
Dmunseyautotech=Donation X2,Support,
Tmotard X2=Donation,Support,great support.
Tageeboy =Donation + active help,feedback,support,
SkooterD=Donation,Support,active help,
Joescian=Donation,Support,active help,
Faka tm*Sap*=Donation,Support,
Marc New***
Patrick O'k***
Pedmond=active feedback and support,
Ccristal=active help,feedback,support


You want to be in my list?
-Then help people to use my ROM.
-Give feedback on bugs or suggestions
-Provide Mirror
And Be respected!

Hey I got something nice for you in time that you download.
Watch my best friend rock band play!
And my ROM out of BOX review! made by

If you Donated and I didn't added you to the list,
First I am sorry for that,
Please PM me, I will add ASAP

24/5/12 Time 14:30
New ROM 3.1.9 Nightly 277 from last offline source! + Kernel 7.1A
Change Log HERE

02/5/12 Time 02:47AM

New ROM 3.1.7 Nightly 276 from last offline source! + Kernel 6.7
Change Log HERE

14/4/12 Time 23:58

New ROM 3.1.6 Nightly 275 from last offline source! + Kernel 6.5B (ROM DELETED)
Change Log HERE
Fixed ROM + kernel 6.5C (ROM DELETED)
Change Log HERE
Fixed ROM + kernel 6.5D
Change Log HERE

30/3/12 Time 22:24

New ROM Nightly 274 from last offline source! + Kernel 6.3

*fixed root and updated to last 6.3 kernel update.

24/3/12 Time 4:10AM

New ROM 3.1.4 Nightly 273 from last offline source! + Kernel 6.1

Change Log HERE
ROM 3.1.3 was not added here, i was too busy.

05/3/12 Time 1:35

New ROM 3.1.2 Nightly 271 from last source + Kernel 5.4

Change Log HERE

21/2/12 Time 1:00

New ROM 3.1.1 Nightly 270 from source + Kernel 5.3

Change Log HERE

21/2/12 Time 1:00

New ROM 3.1.0 Nightly 269 from source + Kernel 4.7
Change Log HERE

Change log trimmed dates!
New ROM 3.0.9 Nightly 268 from source + Kernel 4.7
Change Log
New ROM 3.0.8 Nightly 267 from source + Kernel 4.0
Change Log
New ROM 3.0.6 Nightly 265 from source + Kernel 3.6
Change Log
New ROM 3.0.5 Nightly 264 from source + Kernel 3.3
Change Log
New ROM 3.0.3 + Kernel 3.2

Change Log
New ROM 3.0.1 + Kernel 3.0
Change log
New ROM 3.0.0 + Kernel 2.9
Change Log
New ROM 2.9.9 + Kernel 2.7

Change Log
New ROM 2.9.8 + Kernel 2.5

Change Log HERE
New ROM 2.9.7 + kernel 2.3

Change Log HERE
New ROM all in one 2.9.5

Change Log HERE
New ROM 2.9.4 Nightly 245

Change Log
New ROM 2.9.3 Nightly 242
Change Log HERE
New ROM 2.9.0 Nightly 231!
Change Log HERE
New ROM 2.8.9 based on Stable CM7 7.1.0!

Change Log HERE
New ROM 2.8.8 Nightly 220 Base 2.3.7!
Change Log
New ROM 2.8.6
Change log HERE
NEW ROM 2.8.5 nightly 210
Change log HERE
NEW ROM 2.8.4 nightly 209
Change log HERE and HERE
NEW ROM 2.8.3 nightly 207
Change log HERE
New ROM 2.8.2 nightly 203!
Change log HERE

Fix home/call buttons if not working after install!
1. Install AnyCut from Android Market
2. Go to the home screen
3. Long press on the wallpaper
4. Tap "Shortcut"
5. Tap "Any Cut"
6. Tap "Activity"
7. Choose "Setup Wizard" from the list of activities
8. Tap "OK"
9. There should now be a Setup Wizard icon on your home screen. Follow the wizard through to completion and the dial / home / hangup hardware keys should now be behaving normally again.

Boot Boost Addon (All kernels)

***On Boot, Max speed to 1.47Ghz or 1157Ghz this is more stable speed, and will prevent stuck on boot when phone overheated above 42C

***Included new fixed SQL LITE from Samsung thread that fix lag in I/O (Big Thanks to the developers that provided it.)

3 GPS.conf files with regions + AGPS auto download tweaks and new tweaks for 2.0 only + More Tweaks found by me.


Or you can change GPS.conf manually by looking here for our NTP server name for country go HERE
Find your region and change the Asia to your in gps.conf
save and reboot or do it before flash!

About SWAP!
ROM will activate 3 kind of swap
It's will turn ON (only if you have already created swap file on partition, or set partition for swap (the hard way) )

EXT dedicated SWAP partition
***If you have SWAP already, or EXT or SD-SWAP/EXT-SWAP, no need to run the swap activation scripts.
***I have created 2 scripts for disabling SD swap before use of USB storage.
I have put them in your /sdcard/gscript
so you only need the app (gscript light or full)
then load this scripts, when you need usb storage run swapoff script. when done run swapon.
or you can install dual mount app. i can’t live without it so try it.


Camera taking better pick now!
And video recording is with m4v decoder and mp4 file output, video is super! with no lag!
On "HD" camera is on 800x480 6Mbits frameRate="24" Video codec="m4v" fileFormat="mp4"
Sound aac bitRate="96000" sampleRate="16000" 30MB in one minute!!!
On "HIGH" camera is on 720x480 3Mbits frameRate="24" Video codec="m4v" fileFormat="mp4"
Sound aac bitRate="96000" sampleRate="16000" 23MB in one minute!!!

To switch from High to HD just choose HD in camera,
if you switch and no difference in screen size then choose LOW and back to HIGH or HD its will change...

Libaudio Drivers
I have uploaded 5 different audio drivers! (Credit to developers)
You can test them one by one, and if you get phone call bug then use the next one, till you be happy with one of them.

Older Changelog

Links for Nightly Updates:



This ROM is special, its tweaked to MAX! its super fast and has lots of RAM+SWAP

In order to use this ROM as HIGH END you must know that default AndroidAutoKiller is disabled!

This why it's so stable and home app never refresh,

But you must control your free RAM with app called " System Tuner PRO (was know as process monitor pro) " look for it and you will find it.

Also i recommend to use Advanced task killer pro with system tuner pro!

This app will control your RAM and not let to ROM to overload it self and reboot.
I have excluded all my apps and services that i want to run in RAM all the time and the rest are killed when i turn my screen off! or when no more RAM exist.
This setting is inside this application.

It's best that RAM will always be more then 40MB!

The Light ROM (update) set the auto killer back on line, this will limit you to open only 40 apps + services + system stuff, and after app 41 the home screen will refresh and all big apps in RAM will be closed. this is bug in CM7 not related to me.
I just found a way to disable it. (HIGH END)

I have many tweaks working in this Rom,

CRON script that TASK activation by time set.

it's running script every 10 minutes
Script sit in /sdcard/phonePrioritizer/script.txt

It's contain function called renice.

It's set CPU power priority to apps and services that exist in RAM.
I have tweaked the system services and stock apps to best setting for priority.
you can add custom apps

you can use renice range from -15 (big priority to service / app ) to 15 (very low priority to app / service)

The -20 to -15 reserved for system. do not use it or instability can be felt.

To add custom app to priority script install autokiller from market open your app push home, go to autokiller app and to services ,
find your open app, click long on it and choose more info,

you will see that package name, this is what you need, write it down and go and edit the script.txt according my example at the bottom of the script.

We Are Number One! In NAND ROM NO SENSE!

Keep the feedback flowing, I need to know how it's working for you.!

Lets make best ROM for US!



LOOK FOR BUTTON "Donate To Me" under my nickname!

Thanks for using my ROM!
I am here for you so write comments!

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