So, here we are. Revolver OTA client has been uploaded on the market. I also uploaded a test update (1.1.2), so you will try out how otas work

OTA CLIENT: Revolver Parts:

Download it. OTAs check can be manual or automatic. It's manual if you press "Check" button. It's automatic when you connect to a wifi-network: the app will always check for updates.
You can also disable OTAs by unchecking the "Automatic check" checkbox.
After the download of the update zip file, the app will ask you if you want to reboot to recovery in order to flash the update.
In order to use ota you need:
  • A revolver ROM
  • Root permissions
  • A micro SD card
  • Wifi network

You can also reboot or reboot to recovery with Revolver Parts app
I hope you will enjoy this feature. Remember to give a feedback
And if you like my work, please consider to buy the Revolver Parts Donate app from the market to offer me a beer
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