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24th July 2011, 06:35 PM |#1127  
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3G TurboCharger & Kick Ass Kernel Tweak Installers
UPDATE: Latest versions are HERE

: This is a PREVIEW of 2 additions that will be included in V8 SuperCharger - when it's released.

Edit: Aug 1: Added safer Kick Ass Kernel Tweak Installer! (Commented out the io scheduler tweaks that caused boot loops for some)

Ok hopefully this will make it easier.

I attached both 3G TurboCharger & Kick Ass Kernel Tweak Installers

Use BusyBox v1.18.2 or lower please.

Save to sd card, load them up with script manager and be sure to check Run as Root for both installers.

3G TurboCharger installer will actually back up your build.prop first as /system/build.prop.unsuper

Check to see if they work:

1. /system/build.prop will have a group of* entries at the TOP.
Newest update (Sept 3, 2011) has 4 configurations(!) as follows:
cat > /sdcard/3GTurboCharger.txt <<EOF
Update 2,23410,23411
Update 3 test 8,23410,23411
2. You should have a /system/etc/init.d/98kickasskernel file

Just like the SuperCharger settings, Kick Ass Kernel Tweaks will only work automatically on most custom roms...
Stock roms or custom roms where the script doesn't run on boot need to configure 98kickasskernel to run at boot and as root with script manager

Note: One of the tweaks in this script is changing the io scheduler.

To see what schedulers that you have available type this in terminal:

cat /sys/block/*/queue/scheduler

You'll see a bunch of lines that look like this "noop anticipatory deadline [cfq]"
The one in the brackets is what is being used, the others are available options.

For our phones, noop or deadline are preferable.
Newest update (Sept 3, 2011) should apply deadline if available and if not available, it should apply noop instead.

================================================== ==========================================

Before Updating, Wipe Caches!
This is just a precaution in the event that you experience any lag...

Updated October 12: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 Beta 6.3
Added - init.rc support! (a supercharged copy gets copied to root on boot - it might not work but it does make for easy baking!)
More - Lenient busybox recommendations v1.16.2 to v1.18.2 (still testing 1.19.2)
Renamed - HTK Launcher to Die-Hard Launcher!
Added - A 3rd Launcher for Gingerbread roms and higher! (HTK is the 3rd one - no HTK on Froyo and below)
Changed - OOM grouping/adj parameters
Improved - BulletProof Apps routine - loops so you can bulletproof more than one at a time - plus better error handling.
Improved - Test Drive
Mounts - rootfs rw as well as system - should solve some issues

Updated October 3: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 Beta 6.2.2
Added - 2 OOM Sticks! zOOM (quick) and vrOOM (verbose) versions. (yeah yeah... I shoulda made Four Sticks! get it?)
Added - PowerShift Scripts! (make quick widgets for different minfrees!)
Added - Bullet_Proof App One-Shots! (you can make it a widgetable script whenever you bulletproof an app!)
Added - (S)97BulletProof_Apps boot script (you can add to it whenever you bulletproof an app!)
Added - Fast Engine Flush - You can make a widget for it or put it on a schedule!
Improved - Re-SuperCharger - When you copy settings from sd card, it will load 99SuperCharger
Added - Support for (knows it's locked status automatically)
Added - Support for devices with /system/etc/
Remembers - If you're using local.prop or build.prop (you can change setting in Options)
Improved - Test on startup (Test Drive)
Enhanced - The interface all over the place (the menu is a "Driver's Console")
Added - Check to see if you selected an inappropriate setting (256 mb can't choose 8 or 9)
Fixed - A bug where it would mess up a milestone's init.mapphone_umts.rc file if V6 ran twice... /me n00b
Added - Another 1,050 lines of code

Updated September 19: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 Beta 6.1
Enhanced - Menu. Easier to understand what Ledded and UnLedded means lol
Improved - The automatic backup to SD Card and restore (Re-SuperCharger) from SD Card. I had missed a couple of files
Fixed - A couple of bugs. Mainly the busybox and device memory checks.
Fixed - Issue where in some cases, settings got put in build.prop when local.prop was selected and vice versa.
Added - A check where build.prop will be used if there is no local.prop
Added - Support for devices that use S*(not numbered) boot scripts so S99SuperCharger is created instead of 99SuperCharger

Updated September 14: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 Beta6
Fixed - Update 5 coding error... SuperCharger build.prop settings got wiped by 99SuperCharger script... lol
Added - Check to see if the launcher sticks!
Back - To using local.prop!
Added - Using build.prop as an option but only if launcher isn't supercharged when using local.prop
Enhanced - User prompts and interface
More - Lenient error checking.... it lets you continue... using the script...
Many - little tweaks...

Updated September 14: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 Beta5
Added - Alternate REBOOT Method! (Maybe it will work? lol)
Added - OOM Grouping Fix notification under Launcher Status (This is actually a test to see if 99SuperCharger ran on boot!)
Enhanced - Root check. If there is an error, the Help file opens up.
Enhanced - Busybox check. If there is an error, market opens up to BusyBox installer
Many - Bug fixes - Mostly due to finicky busybox versions which would lead to bootloops

Updated September 12: - 3G TurboCharger Installer Update 3 test 11
Tweaked - The interface a little

Updated September 12: - Kick Ass Kernelizer Installer Update 3 test5
All-In-One - io scheduling tweaks are optional
Data Foler - is now used for stock roms
Errors - are now hidden so no need to worry about unknown keys showing up
Enhanced - user interface greatly
Tweaked - some io scheduler commands - should be safer than before

Updated September 12: - V6 SuperCharger Update 9 Beta4
Massive - Changes lol
Changed - All the names/presets. More options for higher ram devices.
Added - Help Menu Item (launches help file on sd card)
Added - Help Online - Opens up XDA thread in the browser!
Added - Re-SuperCharger! Restore Prior V6 Settings from SD Card
Added - Saftey nets - Checks for BusyBox, it's version (and if it's too high), an error check, and if running as root
Checks RAM - And recommends which horsepower settings to use
Build.prop - is now used. No more local.prop. This enhances stickiness.
Extra - build.prop integration in case you have /system/bin/build.prop
Milestones - More stickiness - init.d script and build.prop are now used as well as the *rc file
Tweaked - some user prompts/information
Numerous - enhancements
 \\\\\\\\ V 6  S U P E R C H A R G E R - M E N U ////
  1. SuperCharger & Launcher Status for Update 9
  2.  256HP Ledded          {6,8,22,24,26,28 mb}
  3.  256HP UnLedded        {6,8,26,28,30,32 mb}
  4.  256HP Super UnLedded  {6,8,28,30,35,50 mb}
  5.  512HP Ledded           {6,12,40,60,80,100}
  6.  512HP UnLedded         {6,12,55,75,95,125}
  7.  512HP Super UnLedded {6,12,75,100,125,150}
  8.  768HP Super UnLedded{6,12,150,175,200,250}
  9. 1000HP Super UnLedded{6,12,200,225,250,300}
 10. Cust-OOMizer  Settings {Create Or Restore!}
 11. OOM Grouping Fixes + Hard To Kill Launcher
 12. OOM Grouping Fixes + BulletProof Launcher
 13. UnKernelizer - UnDo Kernel/Memory Tweaks
 14. UnSuperCharger
 15. BulletProof App!              {Hit or Miss}
 16. Engine Flush - Quick Boost & Eliminate Lag!
 17. Nitro Lag Nullifier          {Experimental}
 18. Use V6 SuperCharger with Terminal Emulator!
 19. Help File!
 20. Help Online!
 21. Options
 22. Re-SuperCharger!{Restore Prior V6 Settings}
 23. REBOOT! (WARNING - There is NO Warning!)
 24. Exit
Updated September 4: - 98KickAssKernelTweaksInstallerUpdate3 test4
Tweaked - io scheduling tweaks some more so that it is even more selective and safer

Updated September 4: - 3GTurboChargerInstallerUpdate3 test 10
Fixed - Yesterday's file (Update 3 test9) didn't apply ANY variations so now it's fixed.
Added - Another configuration. Some people reported great results with yesterday's version (removes limits?) so added a "nulled" configuration.

Updated September 3: - V6 SuperCharger Update9 Beta3
Fixed - Cleaning of local.prop. It was leaving a mess behind.
Enhanced - User notification of events a little more

Updated September 3: - 98KickAssKernelTweaksInstallerUpdate3 test3
Fixed - A big error (I doubt the io scheduling tweaks were being applied in Update 3 test 2)
Improved - Application of io scheduling tweaks so that it is much more selective and safer
Runs - 98kickasskernel after creating 98kickasskernel!
Notifies - You of the I/O Scheduler in use - Before AND After running 98kickasskernel
Defaults - To using Deadline (of available) instead of Noop io schedular.

Updated September 3: - 3GTurboChargerInstallerUpdate3 test 9
Added - Complete menu with 4 configurations!
Installs - /sdcard/3GTurboCharger.txt which has specific details of the 4 options.

This is what it looks like:
\\\\ 3 G  T U R B O C H A R G E R - M E N U ////
 1. Fast?
 2. Faster?
 3. Fastest?
 4. Experimental!
 5. UnTurboCharger
 6. REBOOT! (WARNING - There is NO Warning!)
 7. Exit
 Your Mileage WILL Vary!
 View settings in /sdcard/3GTurboCharger.txt!
 Test all 4 to see which works best for you!
 The SpeedTest.Net app is highly recommended :)
 Please enter option [1 - 7]:
Updated September 1: - V6 SuperCharger Update9 Beta2
Fixed - A couple of bugs some people experienced
Tweaked - Nitro Lag Nullifier (caused connection issues for some)
Menu - Tells you if it's working or not
Added - A new tip to help file (you can make a SM widget for 99SuperCharger - easy application if all else fails lol)

Updated August 21: - V6 SuperCharger Update9 Beta1
Remembers - scrolling speed. You can change it under Options (#19)
Added - BulletProof App!
Added - Engine Flush - Quick Boost & Eliminate Lag!
Added - Nitro Lag Nullifier (Experimental)
Added - Options (Change scrolling speed)
More Compatible - Backs up build.prop and cleans ADJ and MEM values from it - some roms are pesky that way

Updated August 1: Added Kick Ass Kernel Tweak Installer but without io scheduler tweaks. Use this new script if you try the regular Kick Ass Kernel Tweak Installer and get a boot loop! (My apologies to those that got the boot loops )

Updated July 26: Both are more user friendly with information being given along with an "All done" message
....................... Hopefully fixed the syntax error in 98kickass kernel for some people
....................... Added a couple of more entries to 3G TurboCharger

Latest V6 SuperCharger is NOT a pdf! lulz... but it's too big to upload as a txt...
Script Manager will run it just fine... or rename to remove the pdf extension
(at least you don't have to unzip it or think that you can flash it )
No need to unsupercharge previous version when using an updated script!
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