1.2a - Release name: Odyssey

* New name for kit: OLiFE
* New menu system
* Updated README
* Better handling of platform detection
* Bluetooth support in ubuntu.img
* Preliminary support for ChromeOS kernel
* Preliminary support for uboot
* Fixed touchpad
* Fixed network manager
* Updated to ubuntu oneiric
* More options for flashing and updating
* OTB Wireless support (No more injecting)
* Smaller ubuntu.img for faster upload to device
* Auto resizing of rootfs on first boot
* Larger partition size (6GB) for ubuntu
* Refactored to more easily between devices
* Maybe something else I have missed

1.1 - Release name: Daedalus

* Firmware injector for BT and wifi firmwares

1.0 and silent updates - Release name: Prometheus

* Support for x86_64 linux distributions
* Updated README for release on xda-developers
* Fixes to install scripts
* Initial Release