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2nd August 2011, 08:21 PM |#1  
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0.5.8 / 2012-06-18
- CWM: readded uv menu
0.5.7 / 2012-06-17
- added SmartAssV2 CPU governor
- support for EXT4 partitions is back (thanks ZaneZam for reporting and testing)
- some internal kernel patches/enhancements
- CWM: MNGB menu for kernel options
- CWM: menus for CPU max frequency and governors
0.5.6 / 2012-06-12
- lowered screen-off CPU sampling_rate
- removed old lower brightness adjustment formula
0.5.5 / 2012-06-05
- bugfix: ROM->privacy->factory reset works for RFS now - thanks Mahd for the bug report
- sampling_rate 23000
- logcat toggle via CWM
- auto removal of MidnightControl.apk
0.5.3 / 2012-06-02
- bugfix: Superuser/SU don't get replaced at every boot anymore
- bugfix: Odin TAR works now as intended
0.5.1 / 2012-06-02
- added Midnight SMOOVE CPU governor
- added updated Ondemand governor (from MNICS)
- completely rebuilt kernel using Samsungs 2012/05 sources
- removed MidnightControl, Nexus display drivers
- included only the most important features
------- NEW NAME (mngb), NEW BASE SOURCES (Samsung 2012), JW4/5/6 ONLY ------
0.9.0 / 2012-03-07
- bugfix: Ondemand governor should be faster again
- sampling rate 40000->20000 for Conservative governor
- updated SIO scheduler sources 
0.8.9 / 2012-02-28
- added 1.128Ghz step (arm/int.volt 1300/1100)
- added lowmemorykiller MODERATE (56Mb) preset
- added generic gamma adjustment (-30-0)to MidnightControl
- added LED timeout adjustment (100-2000ms) to MidnightControl
- changed gamma default (reducing oversaturation like in 0.8.8)
- changed 1.2Ghz arm/int.volt to 1350/1100
- ported Conservative governor from Midnight-ICS
- removed 800Mhz max. freq when screen-off
- back to JW1 proprietary initramfs modules (last "official" version)
0.8.8 / 2012-02-07
- app: fix for users not having /system/bin/cat
- app: fixed Midnight kernel version display
- kernel: reverted some optimizations after instability reports -> 342Mb RAM
- kernel: raised 1.2Ghz arm.voltage 1310mV -> 1325mV
- initramfs: changed CFS values, testing...
0.8.7 / 2012-01-31
- kernel: 343Mb RAM, front cam picture works \w JW1, probably not \w JVU)
- kernel: removed more debug stuff for slightly more performance, less overhead
- kernel: back to stock bootlogo
- kernel: Nexus tl2796, configurable lower brightness (5 levels)
- kernel: RGB multiplier support based on Supercurios great work
- kernel: Conservative governor adjustments
- kernel: bthid compiled as module
- kernel: int.volt slightly raised (1100->1125mV) for 1.2Ghz (stability)
- CWM: removed a lot of potentially unneeded stuff 
- CWM: added remove Email.apk, GMaps options
- CWM: added "block-MidnightControl-settings-next-boot" option
- initramfs: updated to JVU modules
- initramfs: SIO and 128Kb (yes) sdcard read_ahead_kb default
- initramfs: improved read_ahead_kb for /cache, /dbdata, /system
- initramfs: adjusted default LMK, starts working at 65Mb RAM now
- initramfs: HOME_APP_ADJ=1 again
- MidnightControl app
0.8.4 / 2011-12-17
- Bugfix: Ondemand/deepsleep-patch (thanks Stratosk)
- Bugfix: Logcat incomplete when loaded as module
- CWM: 3 touch sensitivity options back
- Initramfs: shortend /proc/mem output in /data/user.log
- Initramfs: JW1-modules
- Initramfs: Pikachu01's latest CFS values
0.8.3 / 2011-12-10
- Bugfix: Removed Ondemand/deep-sleep patch, somehow caused frequency to be 800Mhz > 40% time if connected to AC charger and sleeping.
- Disabled SAMPLING_DOWN_FACTOR again, testing
- 341Mb RAM, testing
0.8.2-4 / 2011-12-08
- initramfs: JVZ-module, new CFS values (testing)
- kernel: Ondemand/SAMPLING_DOWN_FACTOR implemented
- cwm: /mnt/sdcard compatibility
- cwm: handles mount for /sbin/mount to prevent issues when mounting from update/CWM-ZIP
- cwm: support for /dbdata mounts, /datadata completely removed
  CAUTION: create new backups, Midnight 0.8 Nandroid 
  backups (containing datadata)...tar won't be completely restored.    
0.8.0 / 2011-12-03
- Big thanks to stratosk for letting me use his CWM3 initramfs as base initramfs
- Big thanks to supercurio for taking some time to confirm my assumptions about a nasty RFS bug and my bugfix ideas
- Big thanks to madrooster for a helping hand regarding my build environment when switching to CWM4.
- Big thanks to Mahd and Scheichuwe for testing ;)
- Thank you guys. A lot. 
- CWM4
- CWM: Rearranged menus
- CWM: EXT4 and RFS support
- CWM: Backported CWM5 TAR Nandroid
- CWM: Supports FULL, DATA- and SYSTEM-only Nandroid
- CWM: Added "remove Nandroid backup" option
- CWM: Added more IPv4/6 security tweaks
- CWM: Manage TUN module/IPvX security tweak issue
- CWM: Added Advanced->Misc->Toggle NO-autoROOT
- CWM: Added Advanced->Misc->Toggle NO-MidnightTweaks
- CWM: Added Backup/Restore->SystemUI, framework-res
- CWM: Added Cleanup->Delete *a-lot-of-bloat* options
- CWM: Added 64/128/256Kb to READ_AHEAD menu
- CWM: Moved touchscreen sensitivity to Advanced options->misc
- CWM: Removed "delete S_volt_scheduler" as init.d can be disabled
- CWM: Removed "delete init.d" as init.d can be disabled
- CWM: Removed RFS/EXT4 conversion due to unresolved issues
- CWM: Added multiple bloatware/systemapp cleanup options (0.7-52Mb)
- Initramfs: JVU updated, completely rebuilt (multiple times :) )
- Initramfs: autoROOT (re-checked every boot)
- Initramfs: added remount script for adb users (adb shell remount)
- Initramfs: slightly adjusted some tweaks
- Initramfs: testing pikachu01's CFS values
- Kernel: Midnight bootlogo 
- Kernel: Added newmails great Ondemand patch
--Be sure to reduce undervolting mV if you experience reboots
- Kernel: Added SIO scheduler
- Kernel: Some minor tweaks (99% 0.7.6)
- Adjusted lowmemorykiller settings
- everything I forgot since 2011/10...
0.7.6 / 2011-10-07
- bugfix: su/superuser not working
- slightly lowered conservative thresholds to 55/up)/35(down)
- some text changes in CWM cleanup menu
0.7.5 / 2011-10-07
- raised 1.2Ghz voltage from 1300mV to 1310mV (stability) 
- removed 1.3Ghz
- updated su/superuser to 3.0.2-efgh
- updated to proprietary JVT modules
0.7.3 / 2011-10-02
- hybrid overclocking:
-- defaults to 100-200-400-800-1000Mhz, stock voltages
-- 1.2Ghz (1300mV) or 1.3Ghz(1375mV) can be enabled via CWM
-- when overclocking 1Ghz freq. will remain enabled as additional freq. step
0.7.2 / 2011-10-01
- removed 1.3Ghz again
0.7.1 / 2011-09-30
- switched to 7 freq/5 step version (100/200/400/800/1000/1200/1300Mhz)
- slightly optimized conservative governor
-- up_threshold 60, down_threshold 45,  code uses freq. lookup table
- CWM: Added "Unroot" option to cleanup menu
- CWM: load TUN module
- updated su/superuser to 3.0-efgh
 0.6.7 / 2011-09-25
- adapted JVS initramfs
- should work with JVQ/JVR/JVS (wifi issues /w JVS expected, none reported...)
- CWM: added autobackup for all cleanup menu options
- CWM: added restore option for cleanup menu options
- CWM: added partition size/free space stats in ROOT and cleanup menus
- extended/cleaned up debug output in /data/user.log
 0.6.5 / 2011-09-23
- bugfix: set read_ahead value to 512 as default again
- added debug output in /data/user.log
 0.6.4 / 2011-09-22
- bugfix: fixed uv values not beeing applied
- bugfix: cpufreq-stats not beeing loaded, UV/OC-Apps should work again
 0.6.3 / 2011-09-22
-bugfix: fixed bootloop if not using manual LMK slot 1 value (thanks Pfiffle for the hint)
 0.6.2 / 2011-09-22
- bugfix: undervolting presets 10/11 working
- bugfix: voodoo sound FM should work now 
- CWM: added manual undervolting mV setting (5mV steps)
- CWM: added manual lowmemorykiller setting (1Mb step)
- CWM: Toggle init.d support (default: disabled, enable it if needed)
- CWM: restructured, added IDs to larger tables (presets, uv, lmk, read_ahead)
- adjusted ondemand up_threshold (90->85%)
- color temperature set to 6900k
- play repeating samsung bootanimation if dalvik-cache cleared
- some minor tweak adjustments
- implemented kangsterizers touckey backlight timeout procedures, lowered timeout to 0.5 sec.
 0.6.1 / 2011-09-17
- CWM: bugfix, enabled option 11 in UV menu
- CWM: added [default] marker, added IDs to UV settings
 0.6.0 / 2011-09-17
- Upgraded proprietary modules to JVR
- minor speed tweaks 
- added VR IO scheduler
- adjusted some tweaks (sources here)
- toggle CPU 1.0/1.2Ghz via sysfs + reloading cpufreq_stats module (thanks to stratosk for his great idea to switch the frequency via 2 functions in cpu-freq.c) 
- lots of new CWM options:
-- shutdown from CWM
-- choose CPU max.freq 400/800/1000 or 1200Mhz (=4 steps)
-- choose CPU governor (conservative, ondemand)
-- choose CPU undervolting preset (10 presets for now)
-- choose lowmemorykiller preset (7 presets for now, 4th value=process killer)
-- choose IO scheduler (noop, vr, deadline, cfq)
-- choose read_ahead (sdcards) 512/1024/2048/3064/4096kB
-- choose touchscreen sensitivity presets (stock + 3 presets for now, testing...)
-- moved filesystem conversion to seperate menu
-- option to delete local.prop, S_volt_scheduler and Midnight config files
 0.1.5 - 0.5.4-test / 2011-08-27
- sources updated @github
- interesting dev links updated @github
- recovery source uploaded @github
- slightly raised LMK values for slot 4/5/6, values are now 12288,13312,15360 (48/52/60Mb) (responisveness+, testing)
- compiled without OABI compatibility (speed+, found @talon, testing)
- removed "sysctl -w vm.oom_kill_allocating_task=1" (concurrs with LMK and maybe doesn't even work?)
- removed setprop pm.sleep_mode 1 (safety, not enough information)
- raised /proc/sys/vm settings a little bit:
-- echo "3000" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs # flush after 30sec.
-- echo "3000" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_expire_centisecs # pages expire after 30sec.
-- echo "10" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_background_ratio # flush pages later (default 5% active mem)
-- echo "25" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_ratio
- small fix: executing initscripts with filename starting with digits, too (e.g. "99SuperCharger")...
- toolchain 2010q1
- VoodooSound FM enabled
- tiny bugfix, disabled more debug stuff 
- CWM option: toggle sdcard read_ahead 2048kB tweak
- disabled more debug stuff
- CONFIG_HZ 250hz
- lowmemorykiller values to 48/52Mb for slots 5/6
- moved HOME_APP to slot 0
- disabled touchscreen tweaks (stuttering issues for some users)
- reimplemented missing WARM/COLD mode setting in CWM (advanced options/optional features)
- implemented clean init.d via CWM
- implemented remove all custom bootanimations via CWM
- implemented remove boot/shutdown sounds (for space to root) via CWM
- bugfix: set conservative governor as default (again) instead of ondemand
- disabled powersave/performance governors
- stability: reverted/removed some tweaks set in initramfs
- stability: RAM back to 336 for testing
- merged Galaxy Tab mdnie module with Speedmod sharpness/color
- slightly tweaked color temperature (testing)
- pushed color saturation (testing)
- added some touch behaviour tweaks (testing)
- added some prop settings for battery and proximity sensor
- disabled iostats (less overhead)
- missing liblights lib installer for BLN implemented
- USB tethering *should* work now
- conservative governor tweaked for 1Ghz max (1.2Ghz still possible)
- reverted various speed/mem tweaks from 0.3.8 (have to test them more)
- merged Galaxy Tab _mdnie module (testing)
- merged simple Voodoo color settings for UI only (testing)
- set color temperature to 6700k (testing)
- working bootanimations (thanks stratosk)
- more tweaked CONSERVATIVE governor
- max. Voltage for 1.2Ghz raised to 1300mV (because of stability issues with 1275mV)
- various mem/speed improvements for testing (see Github)
- more tweaked CONSERVATIVE governor
- disabled non-working umounting options in recovery
- Speedmods' initramfs with CWM2.5 re-implemented as conversion EXT4/RFS now works. mount options in CWM -> mount & storage still don't work, tested  Speedmod-T24 where they did not work, too.
- Module version in .config now empty (LOCALVERSION)
- reverted file moving of tvoutserver start in initramfs
- new samsung sources merged, still recovery3e only
- switched back to recovery3e due to umounting issues with Speedmod CWM2.5
- slightly tweaked CONSERVATIVE CPU governor default, switch back to ONDEMAND with e.g. setCPU or VoltageControl or similar apps
- testing: autom. su-installation, init.d-support via initramfs
- kernel features and patchfile unchanged to 0.1.9
- BLN support
- VoodooSound10
- 341Mb RAM (wasn't able to produce anything better than those values used by other kernels, too. 720p recording without sound on my external sdcard, *with* sound on internal...)
- readded debug.sf.hw=1 to default.prop for possible hardware ui acceleration (did no harm on my device)
- removed CFQ tweaks from initramfs as NOOP is used
- removed SLQB for now, felt weird on my device
- first XDA release
- removed debug.sf.hw=1 from default.prop again for testing
- UV/OC (1,2Ghz, 1300mV possible) (thanks exitz)
0.0.1 - 0.1.4 / 2011-08 / (not published)
- first build experiments, added features step by step.
- struggled with initramfs, finally extracted JVQ initramfs
- ported Speedmods' recovery and scripts
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