Default [RECOVERY] ClockWorkMod Recovery 5.0.0.x

Here is CWM Recovery 5.0.0.x for flashing ROMs, making backups, and et cetera.

credits: rmcc (also ported CM)

Instructions - via application: (recommended method as it flashes the latest version)
1. Download ROM Manager from market.
2. Run ROM Manager, pick "Flash recovery", choose LGE Black, give root access, done.
3. Click "Reboot to recovery" to play with it.

Instructions - via flashable package:
0. Download drivers if you don't have them already:
1. Download package here:
2. Run the .bat if you're on windows or the .sh if you're on linux, give root access when asked, done.
3. Use your favorite method to reboot into recovery to play with it.