Default SAT Test

Hi, I figured since a lot of people sit the SAT test I should make an app. Used Appinventor for the purpose.

There is'nt a really good guide SAT app, or one that gives basic necessary info, and this hopefully does that. All the others I saw were word lists and hacks to put on calculator etc. The FULL version is coming soon as well, with a massive practice guide of both the reasoning test and the subject tests.

''This is the FREE Version of the SAT Guide App. SAT test is coming close, and a lot of people are confused about the actual exam and this will clear many of the uncertainties.
The FULL Version (coming soon) will feature a full practice guide for The reasoning test, as well as the subject tests. There is an option to register from the app itself, plus loads more info. Enjoy!''

Here's the link.

Please download and give feedback.