do the images have to be in png?
If I download a 720p youtube video & convert, the images are @ 1280x720p,
can I use that resolution for the boot animation & enter the size in the desc.txt?
& when you say max file of 9 Megs.. will it not play if its around 11 megs?

Also: How do you edit the naming of all the images in FASTSTONE? I did each one individually.. Lol! 001,002.. if its up to 100 can the last one be "100"? or does it have to be 0001, 0002, 0100?

I'm just getting a black screen... Frustrating yes! lol..
Nexus 7 flo - 4.4
Iconia a500 - 4.3.1
Galaxy Exhibit 4G - Slim Bean 4.2.2