Hi folks!

Well that's it from me until the New Year now, got work all week and then a christmas break, so thanks for all your beta testing help.

Here's a new build to last you til 31/12 - it has the MediaHubMini Playing Icons (normal/pressed) in advanced settings, although in the next build I'll be making the MediaHub screen more like the App Launcher screen, i.e. you can tap the icons to change them, etc.

Features that may appear over the next few builds:

- Upgrade to the AP Launcher screen so that you can drag the icons around to change their positions. (snap to defaults)
- New MediaHubMini tab, with icons etc. (see above)
- Add more than 6 apps to the APLauncher (if supported)
- 4th side of cube supported. (Vogue/Nike only)
- Support for Nike Action Screen
- Support to change speed of cube (Vogue/Nike only)
- Integrated Icon Library / Skins - plus, choose icons and download from online library.
- Import BMP files
- More animations.
- Bug tweaks, e.g. fine tuning of placement of gridlines, QuickDial contacts etc.

See you in January 2008. Have a happy Christmas!



Originally Posted by Aaron McCarthy View Post
you are missing 3 options for the media hub icons in the advanced tab.
Hi Aaron thanks for the kind words. Yes, I was aware but hadn't got around to adding these icons as I'm planning to overhaul the MediaHubMini tab. Anyway, please find them added in Advanced Settings in the attached build - hope this will do for now! C
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