Thumbs up DREA160 2400mAh

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What is the name of the battery?

And for the rest who bought the batteries, can you please state what it the seller's name or the battery brand? I'm thinking of trying one of those large ones Thanks!
noticed this as well. starting to notice some irregularity but thats due to the fact that my two previous adapters have been getting shorted out. got some with warrentys and extended warrenty USB cables to handle to surge and dedicated feed during charge. idk if this is a dynamic.

i have a DREA160. 2400mAh

love it so far! back fits irregularly and wish i could fit that so it feels more "snug". compromised trade off for lifespan.

got mine from ? love it.

anyone else have this battery? whats your perspective on it?

only concern i have is trying to figure out if 4190mA (at 100%) (read on the phone internally) is the same as the listed 2400 mAh on the battery. conversion?