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16th September 2011, 11:01 PM
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Logging Test App v14

Logging Test App v14

Attached to this post is my app that should interface with these logging services. Lets start by saying I HATE JAVA. Im an IT guy so i know my way around a few languages but im not the best so deal with uglyness. It is a work in progress and I will be adding more later.

This app has started to turn into a full security suite. It can be used to verify what logging is being done on your phone and where data is going to. It will assist you in manually removing parts you do not running (see post#1), or you can go pro for automatic everything (and support me)

You may use this version of the app anywhere and redistribute it. I have only tested on e3d, but it should work everywhere. I have heard it working on thunderbolt and e4g so far. Just make sure to give me credit if you bundle this in somewhere and do not modify it. Also please do not distribute the market key-- Its only $1.



  • Check CIQ files (Root Only)- Sees if CIQ exists in your system
  • Check Google Usage Logs(Root Only)- Checks for logs in /data/system/usagestats
  • Check HTC Usage Logs (Root Only)- Checks for logs in /data/system/appusagestats
  • Check Devlog (Root Only) - Checks /devlog partition, written out by htc_ebdlogd
  • Check Dropbox Logs(Root Only)- Checks for logs in /data/system/dropbox
  • Check UserBehavior DB(Root Only)- Reads user Behavior monitoring database
  • AppUsage UI - See app usage logs in UI
  • CIQ APP UI - Attempts to open all known CIQ Activities
  • Start HTCLoggers - Start HTC Logging Activitie

Services: You first must run a list to get a dump of all active services. Anything running on your phone will return to the spinner. Select a service and press the button again to get a dump of the service.


Ports & Agents:

  • HTC Checkin DB (Root Only)- Shows what info you are sending to htc when checking in automatically
  • Google Checkin DB (Root Only)- Shows what triggers Google checking in automatically
  • HTC Report Agent - Shows what triggers HTC Reporting.
  • Common Commands- Network Diagnostic tools to see IP address/routes/outbound connections/automatically control port dialog (see below)
  • Port Control- Lets you input manual commands (or use above spinner) to local ports on your machines. Unix Domain Sockets will be enabled next


Internet Security:

  • Read Cookies (Root Only)- Reads Sticky "Location Cookies" - clearing all data in browser does not wipe these
  • Wipe Cookies (Root Only)- Wipes Location Cookies. (pro not required)
  • Flash Settings Set local storage to "Only from sites I visit" and disable "Peer-Assisted Networking"
  • Convert to HTTPs (Root Only)- Updates stock top 500 db with https where possible. See pro options
  • Change Firefox Search to HTTPS (Root Only)- Changes default search to use HTTPs
  • Check/Set IPv6 Privacy(Root Only) - Sets if your MAC address is used as part of your IPv6 address. Dialog explains more


Pro Options:

Starting with version 3, i will be supporting cleanup/removal from many devices. The checking part of the app will always be free here but because of the time it took me to universally code the removal and because we already have documented 100000 ways to do it yourself (see post 1) I have decided to put the key to unlock removal features on any device on the market. It should be listed under package com.treve.loggingkey Its called Logging TestApp Pro Key. Just install the apk linked here first, get the key from market (99 cents, hardly much to support dev in progress) and install, then go back to original app and enjoy pro. You will now have access to the menu items to patch logging on the device.

Version 5 of pro adds in an option to convert webdb to https. What this does is goes through the default websites and resets the address to the https site. What I hope to end up getting is something like the EFF's HTTPS Everywhere until then this is the "ghetto way"

To use https convert option:
  • Set homepage to
  • Kill browser with a taskilller, open logging test app
  • press menu, go to convert to https
  • open browser and start typing in some letters like facebook or wiki or google or bank you should see https infront of them.

It has been tested on evo4g, evo3d, and thunderbolt so far. I will be supporting more devices if a device you have does not work let me know.


Screenshots/How to read output

To tell if you are spyware/logging free, none of these buttons should do much of anything. For example:
  • if you check usage stats/dropbox/devlog, you should see no files or 0k for anything listed.
  • if you start the usage service intent, you should see no apps listed. All other intents should not start.
  • You should not be able to connect to port 65511.

Screenshots of a "fail condition" Shows on stock rom regardless of tell HTC or location setting logging is enabled and running, proving HTCs statement wrong, wasting resources, io, memory, bandwidth the works -

Screenshots of a "pass condition". Shows all logs not writing and intents disabled (only possible after modifications, i cannot find a stock setting that will do this. see post1) -

Let me know how this works out, more goodies will keep on flowing It does use permission internet, its required to open sockets.
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