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Downloaded update on install get 1/4 of the way on progress bar then I get a red triangle with an exclamation mark what have I done wrong? Current rom is Acer_A500_4.010.40_COM_GEN1
This was the problem I had - I had the same rom as you but I think mine came from the wrong region or something so it would keep failing (x4)

This is what I had to do

1. Reinstall stock kernal (acerkernal 3.1 from XDA thread)


2. Reinstall stock recovery (I used Acer Recovery from Market)

3. Reinstall correct stock ROM (for Australia 4.010.40 GEN 1)


4. Full Battery

5. Reboot

6. Then download Update

I got it going on the last try but there is an image online now if you want to 'cheat'





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is there any improvements in performance after the update?
So far I have found there is a screen zoom tool for non tablet apps
The wifi bug seems to be gone
I am not getting any lag like before
The stock browser seems to be working without crashing (time will see if this lasts)

still playing