I have not rooted either. Waiting on a stock kernel to come up. I use wifi all the time on my phones at home. I leave it connected to my home wifi whenever I am home. Thus is the first phone that is unable to maintain a constant wifi connection. When the phone goes to sleep a while and I wake it up it says I'm connected but I have no Internet. And this is the second epic touch to do this. My hero, evo, and epic never did this.

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"If you cant live large look big in the coffin"
Competitive powerlifter and member of Metal Militia Virginia Chapter! Currently ranked in the top 10!
Goals: Squat- 1,000-1,050 Bench 715-800 Deadlift- 650-715.

When my ass leaves the breaking floor,
Lifting weight of such amount
That no mortal eye can count,
All of sudden on top I soar
And Realize:
To happiness there's no such bind
As a PR that's left behind!
Squat! Squat! Squat!