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any pictures or video of how well this case is?
Actually, yes.

Close-up of manufacturing quality. This thing is made very nicely.
And it really does look, feel and even smell like real leather.

Fitment is good and secure.

As you can see, there is no impediment to block swiping from any edge.

In Landscape mode, use different notches for different angles.

Using as Kindle, the front folds neatly behind and is easily held.

All in all, after using it for 10 days, I can say again that this is an extremely nice case.
It holds the TouchPad securely but offers easy access and adjustability for whatever you are using it for.
I don't have a touchstone (yet) but I understand that it does charge in the case normally.
The bottom line is, if I get another TP I will be getting another case just like this one.
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