Lightbulb Hardcore speedmod bootanimantion guide.

Change bootanimation in speedmod kernel is not as simple as in others, but is possible.

Lets go:

your bootanimation MUST HAVE FINITE REPEAT VALUES, otherwise you will be stucked in a beautiful boot loop.
*What is this?
Open your zip and see the txt file. The number after all "p" must be HIGHER than 0. It means how many times this part will repeat, and 0 is infinite

0- Make a nandroid backup
1- Pick your desired and make two clones. Rename them to and
3- Move the three zip files to /system/media
4- Go to /system/bin. Backup and delete the file samsungani. Rename the file bootanimation (this file you find in this folder; it ISNT your zip file) to samsungani.

Reboot and be happy.

Edit: if u want to change the boot sound, the file is /system/etc/poweron.wav