Thank you all for feedback and thank you for 2 donations since yesterday, I really appreciate it.

For the next version I implemented a kind of new "hybrid" overclocking variant, experimantal:
- Voltage 1.3Ghz = 1375mV, 1.2Ghz = 1300mv (unchanged), all other stock mV
- Default setting is 100-200-400-800-1000Mhz with max. freq. 1200Mhz deactivated.
- CWM: Enable 1200Mhz OR 1300Mhz
- CWM: manual uv settings for ALL frequencies independently from selected max. freq.

This way we can keep the aditional 1000Mhz step when overclocking, keep the optional 1.3Ghz feature, keep optional 1.2Ghz and set 1000Mhz as default.
Hope this will work for most users.
Download Tar 0.7.3

Edit: First & second post updated, sources updated.
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